Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Who is a good person? – Divine Discourse Summary – December 29, 2017

The world today is broken into pieces because of the narrow-mindedness and selfishness of human beings. However, even in such dire circumstances, if the world is still going on and it has not broken into pieces, it is only because of the few good men and women who hold this world together with their nobility. These are the people – men and women of sacrifice – who put God before themselves, who put others before themselves. How are we going to change the thinking of this society which is full of selfishness and make them think selflessly about others before themselves?

The children who are still young, who are soft-hearted, who still have the qualities of divinity and compassion in them, they are the ones who can be moulded better and made to understand this greater truth of goodness which is greater than even God. The children are born pure, they are truly the reflections of divinity. They don’t know the difference between this and that, ours and theirs, mine and thine. It is only they are taught that this is yours, this is for you and not for others, this is what belongs to you and does not belong to others – these differences, this narrow-mindedness, this selfishness is taught by those with whom they grow. If the world has to be set right, if people have to live in harmony and peace without the fear of war and sufferings, then the education, the kind of training to these young children has to be set right in the first place.

Good teachers plus good students is equal to good nation. What is goodness? Others before self is goodness. This is a simple understanding of what person is good and which person is not good. Once you are a good person with selfless thoughts, you are bound to be a good engineer of service to society. Once you are a good person in your heart with selflessness and service as your motive, you will be a good doctor who will serve many more who are in need of your service. When you are a good person of character in your younger age, when you become a great administrator, you will not be shaken by temptations that may come your way. This way goodness should be the basis of all education. Creating selfless men and women of character should be the goal of education. And to achieve this, we need teachers with character, with goodness as their basis. . It is high time that the whole nation, the society, the parents recognise the role and importance of teachers in the society and also teachers recognise their importance or their role in the society.