Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Who is a Sai Student? – Divine Discourse Summary – Alumni Meet – October 06, 2019

Your father is the proudest when the children grow up to shoulder the responsibility of the father. I always said, every child has three fundamental rights. Every child born anywhere in the world. First is right to nutrition. Nobody should be hungry. Second is right to healthcare. No child who is sick, who is suffering should be denied healthcare. And the third and the most important of the three is the right to quality education. Not just in India but anywhere born in the world. I always said, My students are there to look after My work, I don’t have to worry about anything. And I am proud to say that slowly, steadily they are taking charge of the work. I don’t know what to say. I am filled with joy and bliss seeing all of you. I feel saying that much is enough.

Service is Karma marga, Karma yoga. Adoration is Bhakti yoga. Illumination is Jnana yoga. All these three when they come together, that is Sai Yoga. In Sai student, this Sai yoga should be seen. Service is the surest shortcut to becoming Sai. Sai student should be like Sai. What is Sai? He serves, He loves with the awareness that all are Divine, all are ours. No differences, no divisions, all are one with this feeling we serve. These institutions are too large, they are like Govardhanagiris. And unless it is Swami’s Sankalpa, it cannot be lifted. Any number of people – whole humanity may join, it is not possible, it is only through Divine Sankalpa it is running. But an opportunity was given to all the children. Those who are still finding education outside, finding job, settling down with family, another professional obligations, for them there is an opportunity, share what you have with others.

Truly why I called it ‘Each one educate one’. I want each one to sensitise oneself towards this cause, towards this need of helping another child. Everyone should have that sensitivity towards the need of the society. Must melt with compassion, with concern for the welfare, for the well-being of another child somewhere. And this is the ideal we want to teach to the whole of the world. We must feel this a great blessing that has been bestowed upon us. Keep this blessing in mind. Wherever you are, uphold the name of the institution, uphold the blessing that has been bestowed upon us. Be grateful for all that has been given. We are a collection of so many people’s effort. We are not because of ourselves. This gratitude we must carry for society, for the institutions, for God that He provides us all these things in so many ways. Be fearless, be selfless. There is much to be done in times to come. And as time passes, much more will happen.