Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Who is a true devotee – Summary of Divine Discourse on 01 May, 2016


When there is the wish-fulfilling tree Kalpavriksha, right in front of you, why do you go after the ordinary plant in your backyard? When you have in your midst ‘the One’ who can grant you both devotion and liberation, why do you go after flimsy life in the world? ‘Anapekshaha’ means the one who does not have any expectations. If you look at this world, all men and women live with some kind of desires. Is it possible for anybody to give up all desires and expectations? The answer is no. Hence, the right way in this direction is to give up meaner and lower desires and develop higher desires. It is meanness on our part to pray for solutions to only those problems that are concerned with our selfishness, our individual personalities and families. For broad-minded people, the whole world is their family.

There are four kinds of devotees: the first kind of devotees are those who want relief from some suffering; the second kind of devotees are those who want worldly wealth and treasures, fame and name, position and authority; the third kind of devotees are spiritual aspirants; and the fourth kind of devotees are those who have found God within themselves, the jnanis, the men of wisdom. Devotees of the first category come to Swami for relief from some problem, some suffering or to find a solution to a problem. Those people, who come to Swami with a desire to cure their diseases, think of Swami as a doctor, and do not consider Swami as God. Even the second kind of devotees comes to Swami not for God but only for gaining more wealth, prosperity, position or authority.  They don’t think of Swami as God, they think Swami is a banker. They desire that when they ask for money, Swami will bless them with money. The third kind of devotees who are spiritual aspirants come to Swami with curiosity and aspire to know what is the secret of divinity, who is God, how does He work?  Even devotees of the third category do not consider Swami as God; they consider Him a teacher because they come to learn something from Swami. Only the fourth category of devotees who are the realised ones, the wise ones, come to Swami because they know that Swami is God, He is the embodiment of love, He is the embodiment of atma – they come with that love. Devotees of this last category don’t have any kind of desires except one desire: we have to experience the divine love of Swami.

Wise people come to God and tell Him, “I want only You”. They don’t have desires for worldly things because they know that if they get God, they will get everything else. Life is temporary; youth and wealth are temporary; wife and children are temporary; only Truth and Good Name are permanent.

Who is a true devotee?  One who says, “I want only God and nothing else”. Only he is a true devotee. Then you will become an ‘Anapeksha’, a person without any expectations and you will ask for the right thing. Have only pure and sacred desires, desire for God and you will get everything else.