Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Who is qualified to do service activities? – Divine Discourse Summary – Palm Meadows, Bangalore – February 16, 2019

It is only through love and service that one is able to purify one’s heart and only a pure heart is capable of understanding Divinity. The first beneficiary of this Seva is you yourself because this Seva makes you think less about yourself and thinks more about someone else who is in need. The less of self, less of self, less of self makes you selfless someday. The day you become selfless, you become divine. This body has been given in order to serve others. And to be of service to others, of course, one has to feed oneself, rest, earn whatever needs to be earned, protect oneself. All these are again secondary activities to support the primary reason of being of use and service to others. Because you are all doing service, therefore, I feel like coming and meeting you. Because you are all thinking of others, so I feel like thinking about you. Because you all are helping others, I feel like helping you. 

The word that I hate the most is ‘I’ and ‘mine’. And the words that I love the most is ‘we’ and ‘ours’, Manamu manamu manamu, ours ours ours. Every one of you in your capacity is doing this sacrifice in your own little way. Truly this sacrifice is meant to immortalise you, help you become divine more than helping anybody else. Different people can serve in different capacities. Doctor can do something that an engineer can’t. An engineer can do something a teacher may not be able to. A teacher can do something a farmer cannot. Likewise, all have been created in this creation by God to do their service to the society in their own capacity. All you need to have is a heart that beats for the pain of others, which feels the hunger of others, which sympathises with the sorrow and misery of others. That is all is your qualification. If your heart feels for another’s pain, you are qualified to be a servant.

If these three things (nutrition, health and good education) are given to every child, no doubt the world will be much better tomorrow because the child will grow in gratitude for all that it has received from the society which expected nothing from it but just wanted to give. It will learn how to lead a life which is selfless, where giving becomes the priority and not taking and grabbing. Such a child when becomes capable and able and a noble citizen in the society, will change the very fate of the society. Think God resides in everyone and whomever you serve, you serve God. And through this act of service and sacrifice, may you attain immortality, may Divinity be yours, may you see and feel this love that is divine everywhere that you go. May you all find fulfilment in life thereby.