Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Who is responsible to provide food, health and good education to every child born on earth? – Divine Discourse Summary – February 12, 2019

The truth is that every child is born in the image of God – pure, selfless and divine. When they are born, they are born pure but the company that they acquire as they grow up, that is what defines what they become. Children are the future of the society, the nation and the world. They are the seeds that are to be sown in order to have the harvest tomorrow. Therefore, it is a responsibility of the society to collectively look after its future which are the children. Most important of all the works that one has is to save our children, to teach them good education and make them into good citizens. These three rights are fundamental to every child born in any country to any race, religion, caste, creed, it does not matter.

First and foremost, right to nutrition, their stomachs should be full, they should not go hungry. Next is the right to good health so that they grow healthy, they can participate in all the things that are needed for their growth and development.  And third and most important of all which makes man out of an animal, right to education – good education – is their third fundamental right. And all these three rights are to be provided by the society at large and it is not just the responsibility of the parents alone. What he or she becomes tomorrow will define the kind of society that will be tomorrow. Therefore, it is important that the whole society takes the responsibility of bringing up a child. It is My basic thought, it is My very fundamental idea that every child must get what it deserves.

Let us all work together to provide the children what they deserve, what is their very right and do everything that is possible in our might to make them into good citizens. So dear children, you are all now from Mandya. You came, you benefitted from the education that you are receiving. May many of you come forward, become the future educationists and give this education to many more children around the world. That is My only expectation from you. It is My request to one and all that you all work together like the five fingers work together as one hand. May you all work together sinking your differences, thinking all of yourselves as one group, one unit and may this institution come up well, serve thousands and thousands of children for all times to come. This is My blessing, this is My desire. And with these words, I would like to end this talk.