Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Who is Sai Baba? Who are you? – Divine Discourse Summary – November 03, 2019

The kind of relationship that exists between God and His devotees is a relationship of inseparableness. Many people say that they are Baba’s devotees, but we should think about who really is a devotee of Baba. Just because we wear white clothes, put Vibhuti dot on our foreheads and sing Bhajans, can we call ourselves devotees? No! Only those devotees who do what Baba is doing, try to follow Baba and do what Baba is doing, they can be called true devotees of Baba. The body is given to us in order to help and serve others. The message of Baba is that you should not use your body only for enjoying the pleasures of the world, but you have to use the body for serving and helping others.

I will install Myself where My devotees involve themselves in service activities. How should My devotees become? What should be their ideal? They should become like Myself. They have to become servants and not leaders. A lot of people in society want to become leaders but My devotees should aspire to become servants. “Who is Sai Baba?” “Sai Baba is a servant.” “Who are you?” “I am a devotee of Sai Baba. And I am also a servant.” That is what I need. Madbhakta yatra sevanti tatra tishthami Narada. Wherever My devotees render selfless service, there I install Myself.

If you want to set right this world, first and foremost, all that we need to do is focus on children, given them good nutritious food, good education and good healthcare. It is their fundamental right – children’s fundamental right – we have to fulfil those rights. We want to give them education no doubt but first and foremost, you have to give them food. Our Annapoorna Seva- Breakfast Seva programme- involves, we cannot do on our own, we have to involve teachers also and others also, take help from so many people so that we can feed these little children who come hungry to school in the morning. Every district we have to do this. It is a grave injustice if children go to school with hungry stomachs. If we don’t look after the children well today, when they grow up, become adults, they will also not care for society. For preparing breakfast and distributing it to children, you need not be highly placed engineers or doctors or officers. What you eat, you give it to the children. This is My wish and aspiration to the devotees of Hassan district. When you go back, you start this simple service programme of giving breakfast to children, hungry children, who come to school in the rural areas. I don’t ask anything from you. I will be very happy if you do this much.