Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Who is the greatest contributor to society? – Divine Discourse Summary – South Bangalore – March 25, 2019

There are many doctors also who are in this who are doing Mother-Child programme. It is very important. I always say, Mother is the greatest contributor to the society. Not the soldier, not the teacher, not the engineer, not the doctor, not the politician, not the leaders but it is the mother because she gives a human to this humanity. It is through mother’s womb that a child comes to this earth, becomes a part of this society and that is how we are a humanity. Therefore, mother’s contribution who gives a child bearing all the pain and suffering herself is the greatest contribution to the mankind. So, mothers have to be looked after, they should be taken care of, they should be taken care of well. That is also part of this. 

I want this programme to spread to many, many more people – Healthy mother, healthy children, healthy nation, healthy world. Only then higher things can be understood. They don’t have food; give them food. They don’t have health; give them health. They don’t have education; give them education. Give them what they lack. Then you can talk about God and greater things to them. Then the society can improve and change. This is the way. This is the way to do. There is no other way to transform this society. This is the only way. Today these children are thinking of God. It is because they have got what they needed. When they were hungry, God came to them through all of you. In plates and tumblers, He came to them. And He filled them with so much of love. That is why they are able to speak like this and be like that.

This is the way to change the society, change the world. There is no other way. Go ahead. With great enthusiasm, great courage that if we do good, God is by our side. And this good will continue because God is with us. And God is infinite, His capacities are infinite, His wish is infinite, His will is infinite, His powers are infinite. So, when we have somebody who is infinite with us, how can we do finite things? We can also do infinite things. Impossible can happen. Unachievable can be achieved. Insurmountable can be conquered. Only with God by our side, and God is with you all. Swami is with you all. Every moment. Go ahead and keep doing. Bangalore should become an ideal for all other states and cities, for all other educational institutions to continue this Seva. Once again, blessing everyone to continue this noble path. You benefit in the process, benefit ten others with your life considering all as our very own, not others but ours. With this feeling, let us continue serving.