Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Who is the most important contributor for a nation’s wellbeing? – Divine Discourse Summary – Launch of ‘Sai Sure’, Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli – February 22, 2019

It is most important that we take care of our mothers in order to take care of our motherland. Of all the people who contribute to the health and wealth of the nation, mother is the most important contributor. Without the mother, the nation cannot be. If our mothers are not healthy, if they are not well-educated, if they are not empowered, how can motherland be strong? It is mother who is the first guru, the first teacher. She not merely gives you life but also teaches you how to lead such a life.

It is the greatest misfortune of this country that our mothers suffer in several ways due to unavailability of right kind of care while they are carrying the future of the nation in their wombs. Then there is this curse of poverty that these women while carrying these babies in their womb continue to work till the eighth month, even up to ninth month of pregnancy in harsh conditions in the fields and labouring around. A mother is not one being, but it is two in one. All the more she needs care to ensure that the other being in the womb grows in a healthy way and is born in a healthy way. 

From the time of conception till the delivery, we must take care of them and even after delivery, for at least one full year of child’s growth, we must be constantly in touch with them and provide the nutrition both to lactating mothers as well as to the born child so this cycle should not end only with pregnancy and birth but continue from conception till the lactating period. All her sacrifice and all her service and all her pain and struggle to give birth to a baby should not go waste when a baby is not able to grow well. So, let us continue giving this to the baby also so that it continues to grow in a healthy way. And then must continue to the school levels so that they continue to grow in a better way, study well, become capable, able and noble citizens of the country. Therefore, from the time of conception till the child grows and becomes a noble citizen of the country in a contributory way, our work does not end.  This is the way we must take this program forward. The mothers and the children of the nation need your (doctors and teachers) help. Rise to the occasion. Be a good citizen. Be there to contribute more than your might to bring up this nation to the standards that it always deserved. Let our mothers be healthy. Let the children born be healthy and happy. And let the country prosper because of such healthy mothers and healthy children.