Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Who is the real doer of actions in this world? – Divine Discourse Summary – February 07, 2019

This world is known as Karma Bhumi, the land of action. From a small ant to the creator no one can escape performing actions while in this world. How should one man conduct or perform actions in one’s life so as to not swing between pleasure and pain, between victory and defeat, between praise and blame? The answer lies in the attitude with which the actions are performed. Actions per se are neither those that bring pleasures or pains; it is the attitude and the expectations behind the actions that define our experiences as bitter or sweet. The one who is full of ego and individuality foolishly thinks that he is the one who is doing. Probably this is the biggest lie that one can tell oneself that I am the doer of this action and the results thereof accrue to me.

‘The Chaitanya shakti which is the spark of divinity, the energy that guides all our limbs, our thoughts, our words, our actions is the real doer. We are just puppets or instruments in the hands of that Divinity’ is the attitude with which if one performs all the actions, one will not be subject to this duality of pleasures and pains. The one who understands this truth becomes humble, becomes surrendered, becomes free of all anxieties, of all worries, of all fear. Keep yourselves pure, keep yourselves surrendered, keep yourselves available and able, God will take care of everything that needs to be done through you and His will will manifest through your lives as He wants without any contamination or perversions.

Dear ones! Of all the actions that we perform in the world, action done selflessly as a service to others frees us, it does not bind us. Therefore, do everything for the love of God. And leave all the results to God. Just do as a service to God without any doership or claim or ownership of the action. Spirituality is that. That’s all, not more not less. Love God, serve God. That is all is spirituality. The rest is all unwanted trappings that confuse people more than helping them. Let this light of education, of not merely the worldly knowledge but of the spiritual knowledge, spread and brighten the lives of many more children. Today there are those who are willing to sacrifice everything in order to bring up these institutions and give this kind of education to more and more of brothers and sisters of yours across this country and the world. Tomorrow you must continue to carry forward this light of education, this light of sacrifice, this light of service to other parts of this country and make lives of many more children brighter.