Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Who is truly Swami’s student? – Divine Discourse Summary – January 11, 2018

The whole world is pervaded by the Lord Himself. What is the nature of this God who has silently created this entire universe? God who has created this entire universe – Akasha, vayu, agni, aapa, prithvi– all the five elements He has created. He has not expected anything in return. He does not charge us. None of these aspects of this Nature which has emanated out of God has any selfishness whatsoever. Man is the one who has brought money and selfishness into this creation which was otherwise without any charges and purely selfless. Man prides himself, becomes selfish, uses all that God provides selflessly and then becomes selfish and in fact does disservice to his own fellow beings. God who has given us everything – He looks after us morning, afternoon, evening – without even expecting anything in return. Should we not carry gratitude for such a God who is so selfless, who is so loving, who is always looking after all of us? The one who develops gratitude for God has truly learnt how to live one’s life.  

And the scriptures say, the nature of God is He is having thousands of hands, thousands of heads, thousands of legs, thousands of eyes. This is the way He exists. These all the beings that exist are reflections, are the manifestation of that God only and through all these selfless pure beings, through their hands, He helps the others. Those who are selfless, those who are loving, those who are always in service of others, they are closest to God in their nature. Even though God pervades everything, He is in everyone, yet His manifestation is seen in those who are pure hearted, who are selfless and loving. Like a lamp in which though the flame is there, yet because of the soot it is not visible, likewise, selfish people, even though they have Divine principle within, they cannot manifest it in their lives.

First and foremost, develop love for God, devotion for God and gratitude for that God who has given us everything without any expectations Develop this kind of gratitude and try to follow in the steps of God who is selfless. Be selfless, then you also will be recognised as nothing but God. Who is My student? Those who have passed in My subject, those who have learnt the knowledge that I am teaching, those who are following the things that I say they truly are My students. Study to be steady. Only those who have faith in God, gratitude for God and do selfless service are My students. My students, My teachers are those whom I have given a degree to – those who have made Me happy and are serving others.