Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Who receives God’s abundance? – Divine Discourse Summary – December 27, 2018

God is attracted only to goodness and not greatness. “If you do good, God will always be with you.” A good education is a very birthright of every child. And to provide this right to them is the responsibility of the society. Unless society does this for the children, there is no future for the world. In such a society where education is driven by commerce, how can you expect peace and harmony, how can you expect brotherhood and fraternity? When you have a good thought, you must immediately put it into action. When you have a bad thought, you must postpone, postpone, postpone. It is My feeling, it is My intense wish that one such educational institution should be there if not everywhere at least in every district of the country. 

Every child is important. It is our bounden duty to take care of every child that is born on this earth in a proper way. You children are very intelligent, you are very sensitive, you are very understanding, so dear students, both alumni as well as the present current students, it is an appeal to you all that what has begun by such noble people with so many difficulties and obstructions should continue perennially, eternally through all your combined efforts and sacrifices. The more you serve, the more you sacrifice, the more you get, the more you grow. For God’s abundance is given only to those who are selfless. Dear ones, don’t be afraid to do good work, don’t be afraid to sacrifice, don’t be afraid to serve. You must have the courage to sacrifice because Swami is with you, He is the embodiment of all abundance, He is the very personification of all the wealth and prosperity. When He is with you, there is nothing to fear. 

Whatever, whichever way, however little you are able to serve and sacrifice without hesitation, without wasting a moment, without postponing it, then and there do and you will yourselves see how Swami will come to your help, how Swami will provide you much more than what you ever intended to share with others. It has to be tested, it has to be practised to be understood to be experienced. Once you practise it, once you test it for yourself, you will know the truth in what I say. So, don’t be weak minded. Don’t be weak people. Be strong, be courageous when it comes to sacrifice and service for God is with those who do good and He would never leave their side even for a moment. Whichever country, whichever state, whichever town, whichever village, all people belong to us, we must develop this kind of broad-mindedness. May you use these opportunities completely without wasting any and using this, you grow and by growing yourself, you help ten others grow, get educated, get benefitted in the society.