Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Who will never let go of our hand? – Divine Discourse Summary – July 27, 2018

Anyone and everyone who helps us remove the ignorance that is there in us and guides us towards the wisdom of our own true Self is truly a guru. Only the one who has experienced the wisdom, the knowledge of the Self alone is capable and eligible to impart that knowledge to other seekers. It is said that we are born so that we are not born again. For any births of effort to realise Atman cannot be fulfilled, cannot find his fruition without the help of a guru. Without the right knowledge of the Self, a man in equivalent to animal. It is only this knowledge of the Self which differentiates human beings from animals. This Atmajnana, this knowledge of the Self, this understanding of one’s Divinity can be granted only by a guru who himself has experienced and lives in that feeling all the time.  

The moon is full and bright. It is full of effulgence, but it is not its own effulgence. It absorbs the light from the sun and reflects it back and that is how it shines in the night. Like this, when our mind comes in the company of a guru who is self-effulgent, it also absorbs that wisdom of Self from the guru and thereby becomes effulgent. Swami says that this Lord of Parti will hold on to your hand, will protect you out of His compassion forever and never let go of this hold. At times, overwhelmed by the things in the world, distracted by various distractions, there are times when you may feel that ‘O, I do not want to be held’ but even if you feel that way, in an opposite way, in an improper way, yet Sai who is the ever compassionate one – for, His compassion needs no reason – holds on to your hand and still takes you forward towards your destination without expecting anything in return.  

On this day of Gurupurnima, it is an occasion for us not just to celebrate this bond of love, this bond of selfless love between the guru and the Shishya but more importantly it is the day to express our gratitude from the bottom of our hearts to the guru who protects us, guides us, cares for us and never lets go of our hands and takes us ultimately to our Divinity which is our final destination. Our ancient tradition has been celebrating the Guru’s Day since the very ancient times because we knew the importance of guru in one’s life for Mother and Father can only at best give us this animal body. It is the guru who makes us human and ultimately transforms us into Divine.