Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Whom should society support so that a child born becomes divine? – Divine Discourse Summary – Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli – May 30, 2019

No doubt mother has given birth, there is no second thought that father is taking care of that body; however, just having a life is not enough. How to live that life in a purposeful way, in a noble way, in the correct way is taught by the guru and that is why mother, and father finally introduce guru to the child. Without the right kind of education, a man is as good as an animal. If mother and father just look after the physical well-being of the child, it is not enough but the child should be given to a guru who can make him educated or knowledgeable and that is how he will rise above his animal nature and truly become a human. A guru will truly become God if and only if the guru teaches the child not only the knowledge or the skills required to fill one’s stomach but also how to attain one’s ultimate truth of existence that is one’s own Divinity.  

The child who is helpless and if he is not having mother or father to look after itself, such a child should be the responsibility of the society. The second service is to the mother who is conceiving and giving birth to a child. Many fathers may not have enough to provide for the educational needs of the children; such fathers have to be supported by the society. If the education system does not support the guru or does not provide for the necessary resources and facilities for the guru to do his or her work properly, then society ought to support such a guru. In our system all these four kinds of Seva to the child, to the mother, to the father and to the teacher is being provided so that the child ultimately reaches the final goal of one’s life which is to realise one’s Divinity.  

The whole society should engage in all these four kinds of services to children. Those who do not have parents, they should be given shelter, they should be given protection; mothers should be given strength to deliver healthy babies; fathers should be given assistance in educating the child; and teachers should be provided with the facilities to give right kind of education. It is My wish I want to open 600 schools across the length and breadth of this country in the future. If there is pure, selfless love, I know that the love itself will achieve everything. We only have to be willing to sacrifice, willing to serve and then selfless love will guide our way. All this is definitely going to happen. With all the students who are going to become teachers tomorrow, there is a great future for the nation, for the children of this nation and even beyond.