Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Whose responsibility are the children of the world? – Annapoorna Breakfast Programme – Divine Discourse Summary – December 30, 2018

The first and foremost thing I must tell you is that Puducherry is not adopted, it is My very own. This is our culture, this is Indian culture which considers everyone as our very own. Vasudhaiva kutumbakam has been the guiding principle of Indian thought and philosophy considering the whole world as one’s own family and therefore, today we are just happy to extend whatever services we can to our own people, our own children, our own family members of Puducherry. I assure, that I will soon come to Puducherry and I will definitely begin two schools both in Puducherry and Karaikal and one for the boys and one for the girls.  

Much good can be done if God, government and the people come together. Let us all recommit ourselves, let us all rededicate ourselves, let us all promise ourselves that we shall spend our lives in a way that brings joy, that brings harmony, that brings happiness into the lives of many more people. As I always say, children are not the responsibility of just the parents to whom they are born but children are the responsibility of the entire society for they are the seeds of the future, they are the very future of humanity. Every child born is the testimony to the continuing trust of God in humankind. And therefore, every child must be looked after with great love, with great care and all these things –Annam,starting with food; Aksharam – that is education; Arogyam – which is the healthcare- must come together to generate Anandam or happiness in the lives of the children. 

The focus of Annapoorna Trust shall always remain to serve the society selflessly and My blessings are there because where there is selflessness, there is God’s grace in abundance. And where there is God’s grace, nothing is impossible. Krishna says, Where there is selfless servants, where there is God’s grace, Sri – prosperity, Vijaya – success, Vibhuti – name and fame, they all follow. On this third anniversary, I wish Annapoorna to celebrate many many more anniversaries and with every anniversary, let more and more children be embraced in the fold of this loving service. Let many more governments take a lesson from the government of Puducherry which initiated this in the very first place and let many many children not only of our country but of the world benefit. I would like to see a day when no child is hungry, when every child is smiling, educated, healthy and happy. And we should work towards making that happen sooner than later. Once again wishing all the Trustee members and the volunteers and all the supporters of Annapoorna Trust My heartfelt blessings for what they are doing for truly they serve God when they serve a child.