Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Why are we here? – Divine Discourse Summary – Navi Mumbai – January 22, 2018

We are not one. We are strength of thousands combined into one because ultimately we are all divine beings, we are all pervaded by the same divinity, same Purusha. So, never in a moment, feel weak or feel diffident or feel low or small because you are that ultimate Divinity. And everything is possible for Divine. That should be our confidence. This is the most auspicious thing that you can do when you think of living your life for others’ sake, there cannot be more auspicious way of living one’s life. Difficulties, ups and downs will come, there are bumps and jumps in every road, you cannot escape. But we must know how to overcome those with confidence, with courage, with determination, with perseverance and continue our journey towards our goal.

One’s heart should melt with compassion at the pain of others, one’s being should shiver and shake when they see the difficulties of others, one’s heart should totally go out and hands should follow the heart in serving others when there is a need. What has compassion in it, that alone is heart; rest is not heart at all. Rest is only art – artificial. Every person who walks into the portals of this institute (Mumbai Hospital) with pain, with suffering, with anxiety, with fear of the future should go out confident, suffused with love of God, suffused with the divinity of God, confidence of God in his own heart. And that is how the world will be transformed. Every single person of the hospital should speak the same language with the same confidence. “What are you doing here?” “I am here to save another child who is a gift of God to our humanity. That is what I am here to save.”

It is again a clarion call to one and all who are here and beyond who are not here right now that we are here to simply serve. Everything else is secondary. And wherever there is selflessness, abundance follows, prosperity follows, success follows, there is no doubt about it. You must see to that it is completed in all respects – it is a model in terms of a hospital, in terms of its beauty, aesthetics, in terms of all the facilities and amenities, in terms of all the specialisations and equipments – in every respect it is an ideal for all the other hospitals in and around. You will see how Swami is present by your side. Every step that you take you will see that. I will stay with you; I will get it done through you. I am sure everybody will do their best because they are doing it for God, they are doing it for Swami, they will do their best. Many many blessings.