Why are we performing this Yagna?
-Summary of Divine Discourse on October 11, 2015 (Evening)

When there is the Wish-fulfilling tree on your yard, why should you look for an ordinary tree in your backyard? When you have the Kamadhenu, the wish-fulfilling cow, with you, why should you purchase milk by paying money? When you have right in front of you the Meru parvata or the Meru mountain which is effulgent with the shining of gold and silver, why should you look for gold and silver elsewhere? When you have God with you who will confer on you both devotion and liberation, why would you enter into the worldly pleasures?

Man is an aspirant of bliss. From birth to death, man involves himself in many activities with the sole objective of experiencing bliss. This joy is a temporary pleasure and not permanent bliss. That is why I keep saying, ‘Pleasure is an interval between two pains’. Therefore it will be a huge mistake on our part if we struggle only for temporary pleasures.

There are four kinds of devotees who come to God.

The first is ‘aarthi’ – aarthi is one who prays to God because of either bodily afflictions or other kind of afflictions.

The second is ‘arthaarathi’. There is some kind of solution for people suffering from afflictions but for the arthaarthi, the one who is greedy, even after getting more and more wealth, there is no solution at all.

The third is a ‘jignasu’. The jignasu has a question. He is a spiritual aspirant who prays with the intention of knowing something which will grant him permanent joy and not just temporary pleasure. In order to know the truth, he will perform many sadhanas or spiritual efforts. He only does this to know more and more things.

But the highest kind of devotee is the ‘jnani’ or man of wisdom. He won’t have ego and attachments. He cultivates discrimination and detachment; he has the single, sole desire to experience God.

Therefore all these devotees come to God. And God gives them whatever they ask for. But all these desires should be confined to the four goals of life. The goal of life is to aspire to attain realisation, earn money through dharma, utilise it for service and then attain liberation. There is no problem in earning money through dharma. But it is a sin to earn money giving up the path of truth and righteousness. Therefore, Swami keeps telling us that God will fulfil what we need but He will not give to satisfy our greed. People go near God and don’t ask for God, they ask for the world only. When you attain God Himself, will you not get the world? We are not performing this yaaga and yagna for some selfish purpose. We are performing this yagna for the welfare of everybody in all the worlds.

Peace has disappeared, truth has vanished and the fear of weapons is on the rise; the reason and cause for this tragedy is greed and selfishness. People generally pray for their selfish purposes, for themselves; they don’t pray for everybody. A yogi is one who prays for the welfare of everybody.

Moving from selfishness to selflessness is moving from Kali Yuga to Sathya Yuga. Happiness in union with God. True happiness means that everybody should realise their divine nature and enjoy bliss. That is why we are performing this yagna.

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