Why aren’t men and women equal? – Divine Discourse Summary – May 06, 2017

For any mother, the child is her life. There is no mother without a child and there is no child without a mother. When a child is born, a mother is also born. 

In poor families, especially in rural areas, there is a differential treatment meted out to the girl child. Typically, if they have to spend money for healthcare, it will be only for the sake of the male children and not for female children. Swami never likes that kind of differentiation.  Our Minister just spoke about the gender equality. Not only here, anywhere you go in the world, people are talking about the equality of men and women. But that’s not possible. Women are not equal to men. They are better and higher than men. So, we can’t really bring about gender equality. Only a woman can become a mother. That is why we speak of motherland, mother tongue. Nobody calls the land, fatherland or the tongue, father tongue. 

To bestow upon all children free education, free healthcare and all kind of facilities to help them come up in life, the responsibility lies on the society. Government alone cannot achieve this and people alone cannot achieve it either. Everybody should get together, work in a synchronised way and achieve this. This hospital is a testimony to such a cooperation.

 First, we are going to complete the first phase of the hospital and if we get all the land and cooperation from the government, we will start the second phase also. Good things should happen at the earliest.  

This hospital will focus on serving pregnant women and little children. We are also going to have a geriatric wing, wherein elders will be served. Those people who are ignored and not looked after well by others, we have to look after. Such a good aspect of healthcare mission is starting here today. All of you should join in this and find fulfilment in your lives through service. It is liberation for oneself and welfare of the world.  

This year we are starting a new college (for girls). There we are giving everything to them completely free of cost. Food, books, pens, everything will be given to these girls, who join the Centre for Human Excellence, free of cost. I have only one aspiration from them. I just want that these girls, who are getting education with the help of society, should serve the society. We should develop that gratitude in our hearts.