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Why do we remember and celebrate king Mahabali? – Divine Discourse Summary – Onam – September 4, 2017

Today with great love, devotion and reverence for King Mahabali, we all celebrate this great festival of Onam. He isn’t not just another king who ruled the three worlds. He isn’t known for his kingdom or power or wealth or progeny. He has become immortal today in the hearts of people because of his surrender and sacrifice. This is the ideal that we must celebrate on this very festival of Onam. Land of India is Tapobhumi – the land of penance. It is Tyagabhumi – the land of sacrifice. It is Yogabhumi – it is the world of highest attainment. It is Divyabhumi – it is the land of divinity. In such a land the one who is born must consider oneself as supremely blessed.

In the principles of sacrifice, sacrificing everything for the sake of God, has been propounded as the highest. There was no one at that point of time mightier than Mahabali. Wherever you see in his kingdom, there was only prosperity, no poverty at all. No one – not a single person – in his kingdom shed tears of sorrow or suffering. He loved all his people like his own children. And he was a great Dani or a great giver. At such point of time, when his glory was spreading everywhere, to demonstrate to the rest of the world, not just his might but his sense of devotion and surrender, this drama was enacted.

Look at this…Prahlada sacrificed his father for the sake of God. Bharata gave up his own mother for the sake of God. Vibheeshana gave up his own brother for the sake of God. Bali Chakravarty gave up his own guru for the sake of God. And with that he deserved the place under the feet of the Lord Himself. Wherever the Lord sets His foot, that place becomes immortal. There is prosperity, plenty and happiness in abundance wherever the Lord sets His foot. Today we are celebrating this great principle of sacrifice in the form of this festival of Onam. This is the day to remind ourselves that we must offer all that we have willingly and joyously to the Lord and none else. Our thoughts, our words, our deeds- everything should be done for the love of God and must be offered to God. Everything should be done for the love of God, everything should be sacrificed to God. This is the ideal that the devotees must lead their lives by.

Dear ones, all other things with time will fade away. In a minute, time will take away everything that we have. But this one alone will live forever – the love that you have for Swami and the love that Swami has for you.


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