Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Why don’t we experience love and bliss in the form of Krishna? – Divine Discourse Summary – August 14, 2017

There were a lot of people who hated (Krishna). Because of impure feelings and unsacred quality of many persons, they were not able to experience the love of Krishna. Because of the qualities of ego and attachment, they were not able to derive the love and grace of Krishna. In order to experience the purity and love of Krishna’s personality, we need to purify our mind first. The Atmic principle can be experienced only by a person who is absolutely pure; this is the word of Truth.

And such devotees were Gopikas. In them, there was no trace of ego. Whatever they were doing all the time, they were thinking of Krishna in their minds; therefore, all their actions became Yoga. When you have a pure feeling in your heart, immediately you can understand the Atmic  principle. In spite of being in the presence of God, suppose we don’t experience that love and joy, the problem is with us and not with Him. Therefore, first and foremost, we have to purify ourselves so that we also get attracted to the Divine personality of Krishna. If we offer everything without selfishness, without attachment, Krishna definitely accepts. When we develop the feeling – whatever we are doing, we are not doing for ourselves, it is for the love of Krishna – we can also enjoy that love and bliss of God. If we have to experience that kind of Divine bliss, we have to purify ourselves. Nothing else is required. If you develop pure love for God, it is good enough. What kind of love? It should be selfless love – I don’t need anything. I want only God.

See, what is there in Krishna’s hand. There is a flute. A flute is nothing but a piece of wood but it is completely hollow, there is no block. When you develop that kind of detachment, hollowness within yourself, then you will become a flute in the hands of Krishna and sweet music will flow out of you. Without any sense of ego and attachment, we purify our minds and offer ourselves to Him, then he will transform us into His own flutes. That is the kind of prayer that you should have. You should become such sacred instruments in His hand. ‘Krishna, make me into a flute. In my inner being, there are many blocks created by my ego, desires, selfishness, impurities and wrong habits. You have to remove all this and make me into Your flute.’ That is the prayer we have to offer to Krishna.