Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Why is it necessary to establish Swami’s mission in America? – Divine Discourse Summary – Encinitas, California, USA – June 30, 2018

Today, on one hand, the world has everything that man can ever imagine and on the other hand, there are people who live in conditions that one cannot even imagine. What is the reason for such polarity, such duality in the same human race? It is nothing but an unbridled selfish and self-interest that has occupied and captured the hearts of a few whose hearts do not melt in compassion while they see the suffering and pain of others. 

Whatever the Americans do today, that is what the world does tomorrow. Therefore, it is extremely significant for this country to have this culture of loving and serving because when they lead the way with their example, the rest of the world will follow soon. We all must become shining light showing this path of goodness, of auspiciousness, of happiness to all others, to all our fellow American brothers and sisters. All of you and beyond must join hands together to see to that we set up the very first medical centre and a heart hospital right here in the heart of America. Let people in America know that it is possible (to have cost free hospital), it can happen if only they become a little more selfless, they become a little more compassionate. 

This is how their hearts will open. This is how their hearts will expand. And this is how they will learn that there is another way to lead this life and not just about me and myself. There is another way to become happy and not just by consuming and consuming and consuming but by sharing, caring, by giving and serving you can find greater happiness. When you serve, when you love, you experience the happiness which simply grows and grows; it doesn’t come and go, it comes and grows. As this country moves forward, all the others will follow soon. And that is why it is important for us to establish this mission in this country (USA) which is what is going to make a difference to the future, the rest of the world. When you become instruments of God, you become infinite. You can do anything, everything because God is with you and He will work through you. I want only pure, selfless people and with them, I will do My work. I only want you to be pure and selfless and fearless. Fearless about anything and everything because you know that Swami is with you, in you, above you, below you, around you, within you – so, how can you be having any fear? Be fearless like lions.