Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Why Is Swami Setting up the Gurukula System of Education? – Divine Discourse Summary – October 29, 2017

In the times of yore, the mother Madalasa would put her babies to sleep singing thus: You are the purest one, you are the aware one, you are the one who is ever enchanted, and you are the one who is beyond the illusion of this world. The way parents bring up their children, the kind of environment they provide, the kind of thoughts that they inculcate in the young minds defines the life of the child. 

Children might have been born to different parents in different places. However, when they come to Swami’s institutions, they get this pure environment in which they can remain as unsullied as they were when they were born. Just as the water can be purified and made fit for drinking, likewise even if a little bit of impurity has gone into the minds of these children, they are purified in the company of the good people in this pure environment. That is the very purpose of why we are having this kind of system of education which is based on the ancient Indian Gurukula. The children who stay in the company of the noble teachers in a good environment away from the distractions of the modern day learn in a better way and grow into good human beings with the passage of time. 

But they should be very careful when they go for holidays. When they go home, sometimes their parents out of misplaced love and compassion for them, they themselves insist that they do not follow the disciplines that have been taught to them here. In this age, it is extremely important that parents are full of devotion and discipline in order to raise the children also in a noble way. You must set an ideal example wherever you go not only in your families but anywhere in the society wherever you go. In this age, there will be distracting thoughts. It is natural and one must accept it in the first place. As far as possible, stay in the company of the noble and the good people so that you do not get into the wrong company in the first place.  Now, in some case, if for some reason, unfortunately it has happened so that you have ended up in the wrong place or wrong company without your wanting to be, at least remember God, think of God. “Do not oblige but you can always speak obligingly.” As much as possible in a very humble way, in a very sweet way, in an obliging way, you must tell them what is right and what is not. If you can understand the importance of this training and use it well today, tomorrow in your future, when there are bigger distractions, bigger issues to deal with, all the strength that you have gained today will help you.