Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Why is Swami starting so many schools? – Bhoomi Puja of Sri Sathya Sai Sevaniketanam, Koppal – October 02, 2017

Wherever we see in the world today we find troubles and pains, dilemmas and disasters. This kind of a disastrous situation is not only found in developing nations but also in already well developed nations. How many ever riches, wealth and money, it is of no use. If there are no human values, then it is certainly disastrous. Food, sleep, fear and coition are equal both in animals and humans. But Education is the only difference without which man is equivalent to animals. 

There is a lot of immorality, misconduct and disorder in the present day youth. Even if they are happy during the initial days of unrighteous ways of life, towards the end they feel very depressed.  In so called prosperous countries like Italy, America and others, there is this sad thing called suicide happening everywhere. Wherever we see there is depression in children. The youth who are supposed to be active and happy, are found with misconduct and getting depressed leading them to commit suicide. Why are such things happening? It is because they are not being provided with the right kind of education. It is very important that we impart spiritual knowledge along with worldly education and also human values to the children.

The reason why we are starting these many schools is to provide spiritual education along with the worldly subjects and to avoid such disasters. We provide education to make man a true human being. Otherwise elsewhere humans are behaving like animals. Because of increase in selfishness and living for one’s own benefit, there is unrighteousness and immorality and hence we see only unhappiness everywhere. If you want this Country to be progressing well, if you want to revive its culture and heritage it is not enough to just provide worldly education but to provide spiritual education is very important at this point of time. The purpose of starting many degree courses is to train our students to become good teachers which is not an ordinary job. It is a very important and essential job. There are lots of Medical and Engineering colleges in the world but they are all commercial. But there are very few colleges which train students to become good teachers. But in Sathya Sai colleges, firstly students will be trained to become teachers. This body is given to serve others. We should always serve others; this is my message to all. It is my desire to impart spiritual education along with worldly subjects to the poor rural children, thereby to revive the cultures of sacrifice and penance of the ancient Indian traditions to bring out the greatness of India in the world.