Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Why should we plant trees in our campuses? – Divine Discourse Summary – Sri Sathya Sai University for Human Excellence, Gulbarga – June 02, 2019

You grow lot of trees here. Then it will cool down. But if you have to put tree, you have to water the tree also. If each one of you puts one tree, one one tree, one one degree temperature low. That will cool the place because whatever breeze passes through the trees, it becomes cooler, so trees are natural coolers. At the lower levels, there should be plants. We have come, there is nothing, it is empty space, that is not correct. The institution is seven years old. By now there should have been big big trees. Nothing is there yet. Sixth, seventh class – it is your responsibility. You have to plant the tree; you have to water the tree also. Have a tree with your name and feel that it is your tree and that you have to nurture it. Should grow fast. Ask the people from the Forest Department, get some big – not bushes, but tall trees with shade, not short trees. Little tall trees all around the periphery of the land, big trees you put.

Trees are only taking water from us. But how much they are giving? First, oxygen, Pranavayu. Without that, tomorrow we will all be under the tree. First, it gives oxygen. Then? Shade. Then? Fruits, flowers, leaves. If you make trees, birds will come. Whole environment will be full of chirping of birds. It is so beautiful. Put trees, lot of birds will come. Ashraya. For birds, trees are the homes. The whole thing will become like a garden. That is how it should be. University campus means it should be like that. Any institution, any campus it should look like that full of trees, flowers, garden and also shade. And trees will cool the temperature. Every tree will contribute by cooling the temperature. Why? Because they take carbon dioxide in. See carbon dioxide creates temperature. So, they absorb carbon dioxide, they bring down the temperature. So, you have to work on this.

Tall trees on the edges. Short trees in the centre. Otherwise in times to come, it will become even hotter and hotter; you will not be able to stay here then. That is why you should also plant trees, also protect the trees. You have to only water. In all campuses we should have trees. Very important. If you want the future to be good, if you want to still breathe oxygen in the future, we have to have trees. This is the interrelation. Of course, we are dependent on thousands of people, but we are dependent on the trees, the birds, the earth, water, fire, everything we are dependent on. We have to respect everything. You have to accordingly use. Don’t waste anything.