Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Why should you participate in Annapoorna Seva? – Divine Discourse Summary – Annapoorna Volunteers Meet – October 19, 2019

The most beautiful experience in one’s life is to live in love. The purest of the love is that which has no attachment, which has no expectations, which only wants to give, which only wants to forgive. It doesn’t expect or seek anything in return. That kind of love alone sustains this world. That is the love from which this world is born. And that is the kind of love into which this world is going to merge back. Love lives by giving. And love is its own reward. Love cannot be rewarded by anything else. By being able to love you are already rewarded. You have already found the fulfilment. That is the experience in which Swami lives. Therefore, He is always happy doing what He is doing.

Annapoorna Seva is actually a river. It is taking us to God. In the process of us participating in Annapoorna Seva and flowing like that selfless river, many other people get benefitted. Children get food to eat, teachers get an opportunity to participate in voluntary Seva, Truth is that it is only a process for us to become closer and closer to our true selves which is Divinity. And if this Seva of Annapoorna is not taking us closer to ourselves every day, we don’t feel more pure, more compassionate, kind, more loving, more Divine, then this is a waste of time. As volunteers, as participants in Seva activities, we have to be very very cautious whether this Seva is actually making us experience the pure love. All Seva should be standing on the firm ground of SadhanaSadhana is the fundamental idea of why we do anything and everything in life. What is the purpose of doing anything in life? Realising that is Sadhana. Seva and Sadhana both are part of this whole activity.

I am only worried about whether you are growing individually as spiritually or not. That is My worry because if that doesn’t happen, then I think the mission is not fully achieved. Annapoorna is suddenly going to explode. It is not going to grow. It is suddenly going to explode. It will happen very fast. And that is why I am saying in such times also we must maintain our calm; we must maintain our steadiness, we must maintain our focus. While we work externally engaged in all actions, internally we should be steady. Unless you remain focused and anchored in that spiritual feeling, undertaking this kind of activity will not be possible. Your own personal individual spiritual preparation is the most important preparation for the future of Annapoorna. That you must all pay complete attention to, spend some time in contemplation, introspection and find ways to become steadier in your minds, purer in your hearts. That will lead this mission to its real destination.