Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Why this hurry to build hospitals? – Commencement of Medical Services, Kharghar – Divine Discourse Summary – November 27, 2018

Many people ask Me this question, “Why this hurry? Why this hurry?” I said, “My name is Hari; therefore, I am in a hurry.” Hari is always in a hurry to save His people. Many times, our doctors wonder, they ask, “How is it that these people get to know about our hospital?” I tell them, “Whichever god they write to, address is Mine. So, all their prayers reach Me only like the central post office, everything comes to Me and then these prayers that touch the heart of God makes Me do what I need to do for them.” So why this hurry? Because God is always impatient when it comes to answering the prayers of the devotees and especially it is My vow to save, to help, to give the needy what they lack and that is how I define My life and My mission. If I cannot do this, then I am failing My own words. 

When God does a Sankalpa, decides upon something and man agrees to cooperate by putting his best effort, there is nothing which is impossible, everything becomes possible by these two together. Therefore, for God alone it is not possible; for man alone, it is not possible but for God plus man everything becomes possible. Two more hospitals are in the offing. Soon after this, there is a hospital that is going to come up in Kolkata and thereafter it is going to come up near Gujarat. I have a plan to open 250 medical diagnostic centres across the country from east to west, north to south spanning the entire geography of the country so that no mother has to travel more than five hours or six hours to reach the nearest medical centre for help and get her child diagnosed. Always be ready with God. Be just an instrument in the hands of God.  

I want to congratulate all our doctors, medical staff who are here. They are working 18 hours a day every day. All our staff, all our…youngest to the oldest, everybody is working so hard, that is why this mission is happening the way it is happening. Come what may, I will continue to do what I want to do. If you keep pace with it, then it will happen in much much nicer way. Too much head, less of heart in Mumbai nowadays. So, this should serve as the heart of Mumbai and remind them that heart is more important than their heads. That their heart should melt at the plight of another fellow being who is suffering. And whatever they have, they must learn to share, they must care for their fellow humans and that is the way a human race should be.