Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Why we are given this human birth? – Divine Discourse Summary – January 19, 2020

The Sarkara, the Samaja and the Samstha – all three when they come together, much can be achieved. All this that is happening now and that which has happened in the past has been because of this combination of the government which supported these initiatives, the individual – the society at large which sacrificed for these initiatives, and the staff and the volunteers of the organisation who worked selflessly. Because of all these three coming together, all this has been achieved. This is the strength of Sri Sathya Sai institutions. In times to come, in every district of Karnataka, one such institution will be established and eventually it will spread to every district of the nation of India. Because of our own university, we are producing our own teachers and staff who are going back to these campuses and looking after them. So, I have no dearth of teachers here.

Have self-confidence. With self-confidence, you can achieve anything. Swami is with us. In every day, in every moment, He is with us as our confidence, as our strength. If we believe this completely, we will never fear anything, we will always be successful in our life. Whatever be the challenges, we will be able to overcome with this faith and confidence. The way you have performed well in all the sports and cultural events, in the same way you must perform well in your studies too and get good name for yourself, for the institution and for the parents. And with all the abilities, skills and talents that you earn out of this education, you must put it to good use in serving the nation, in serving the fellow-beings. I hope and aspire that each one of you, all the staff and the students, the volunteers, the devotees, and all our well-wishers will pay attention to this message that we are given this human birth only for the service of others. And we must put all our abilities, talents, knowledge, skills in the service of others. And that is the way of Sathya Sai institutions, and the people associated with it.

Today Muddenahalli is not just become important from the education point of view but as a spiritual centre, it is growing in its fame and popularity. More than from 50 countries people visit this place and support these institutions. Therefore, the day will not be far when Muddenahalli will be on the world map because people from all around the world will be visiting this place. In times to come, Chikkaballapur Zilla will grow great name and fame, much progress will happen, institution of world eminence will be established here, and this will become the star of the whole of Karnataka in very short time, not very far also.