From I to We – Living the message ‘Love All Serve All’

Bhagawan’s seva projects are but pathways that enable us to transform ourselves and progress along the spiritual path of self-realisation.
September 1, 2017/by Usha


The era of the advent of an avatar is no ordinary time. Lucky are we to be chosen by Him to be His contemporaries. I believe it must be by the merits I have acquired in my previous lives that I was born in a family in which Bhagawan was their Master.
June 15, 2017/by saivrindaadm

Anyatha Sharanam Nasti – Ms. Sunitha

She knew not where she was getting pulled, and who He was, but she felt unflinchingly drawn towards Him. The story of how Ms Sunitha Dodda, who works in Dubai came to Bhagawan is a divine concoction of grace and prayer. She had never seen or experienced Bhagawan in His physical form. But since she came to know of Him in April 2011, she did everything in her power to experience for herself, what she had missed earlier
January 11, 2017/by saivrindaadm

Hridayanivasi Sai – Jeevanresh PS and Dr P Rachana

Swami only knows when and how to draw a person towards Him. Not by luck or coincidence, but only through His infinite grace and pure love does a soul get beckoned. Read on to know how this devotee couple together have transformed their lives and work as a worship to Swami. They are active participants in the seva activities undertaken at Sai Hridayam, Dubai.
December 21, 2016/by saivrindaadm


It was in January 2015 that Ms Sindhu Vinod first heard about Swami in His subtle body visiting Dubai. Even though she didn’t completely understand the concept, she went for the Satsangh, driven by an inner urge to witness this phenomenon. And life, she confesses, hasn’t been the same. Seva has since become her sole motivation, following Swami’s teachings her life purpose and Sai, her very breath. Read on to know more about Sindhu’s journey of finding her God, both within and without.
November 28, 2016/by saivrindaadm

Sai – the Rainbow in my Heart

The physical form was not there, it was true, but something much stronger than that was present. His infinite love, the thrill that only He awoke in the heart were the same! Our heart could not be wrong: we had found and recognised our beloved Swami! Now, it all made sense! If we truly believe that Swami is God, then He can definitely manifest Himself in a subtle form. Nothing is impossible for God!
September 2, 2016/by saivrindaadm

When the Indweller revealed Himself

Both my brother and I experienced tremendous joy and were wonder struck at some of the interesting life lessons that were taught and discussed there. The explanation of SMART Goals – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound and the rich, spiritually-significant statement – I to We to He - influenced me immensely.
August 24, 2016/by saivrindaadm

Bhaktodharaka Sai

By the time my family returned home, I could see that shock had set in. While they tried to gather their wits, the one question that lingered in all our minds was why it had happened to them! My mother was crying out to Swami, and I could see that they were all visibly upset by the incident.
August 8, 2016/by saivrindaadm

My Incredible Sai – both within and without

While attending the youth meet was only a pretext to come to Muddenahalli and see Swami for me, it offered me more than that. I was privy to such rich spiritual talks and speeches, that it left an indelible mark on my personality. Listening to Bhagawan’s discourses made me realise the importance of the opportunity I had been bestowed with and I decided to soak into the spiritual extravaganza, as much as I could.
July 26, 2016/by saivrindaadm

From Shirdi Sai to Sathya Sai

In the dream, Shirdi Baba, garbed in a white robe, appeared before me and started scolding me for not believing in the triple avatarhood! He then explained the concept to me, quoting words and lines from the very Sai Satcharitra that I swore by. “What is it that you doubt when I am present in all the living forms in this universe, I am present in all the saints and the gurus. Open your inner eyes and you shall see this truth.”
June 26, 2016/by saivrindaadm

When you think of God, He thinks of you too

It isn’t said in vain that we should believe to experience and experience to continue believing. The story of this Sai Youth from Canada reinforces just that. It’s a timely reminder that there are no co-incidences in the life of a Sai devotee; every incident is divinely ordained and planned to precision
May 26, 2016/by saivrindaadm

Sai – My Divine Counsellor

Swami however did look at me and the only thought in my mind then was ‘Engineering or dental? Engineering or dental?’ With no reply coming from Swami, I decided to resign to my fate and went home rather dejectedly. That night Swami came in my dream and
May 19, 2016/by saivrindaadm