What is Sookshma Shareera (Subtle Form)? What are the laws that govern this phenomenon?

“Everyone in this world has four types of bodies – SthoolaShareera – the physical body; SookshmaShareera– the subtle body; AtiSookshmaShareera – the higher subtle body; and Para SookshmaShareeera – the omnipresent supersubtle body. SthoolaShareera is the physical body which anyone can see. Right now, I am not in the physical body, but in the SookshmaShareera (subtle body) which is beyond the physical. In My SookshmaShareera I can move to any part of the world without taking any time. In My AtiSookshmaShareera I enter the dreams and meditations of people and guide them. In Para SookshmaShareera, I am present in every atom. At this point of time, you are in the physical body and if you are in a room, you cannot see what is outside since there is a wall in between. But SookshmaShareera is not bound by desha, kala and paristhiti (space, time and circumstances) and therefore cannot be seen with physical eyes.”

“We do not just exist on this earth, but also exist in a parallel plane. That parallel universe is the SookshmaPrapancham. For many students, this would be difficult to comprehend. Here is an example: consider steam, water and ice. What is the difference in them? All of these forms are essentially of the same compound. Can we hold steam in our hands or taste it? We cannot. But we can easily drink water or hold the ice in our hands, because they have physical form. Steam, when cooled, becomes water and when water is cooled further, it turns in to ice. Cooling is the process through which the unseen is seen. You have all studied Newton’s laws which states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but it can be changed from one form into another. It is through such process that energy changes into matter and vice-versa. Although fire is latent in wood, it is unseen until we run two twigs together and they catch fire. Once manifest, the fire engulfs the wood and gives out bright light and heat. Fire which was latent in the wood becomes manifest through this process. This is a simple fact known to all.”

“Though butter is present in the milk, one cannot see it. To make it visible, milk must be boiled, curdled and churned. Thus, to manifest butter physically, the milk must undergo a process. This process can be called Parishuddhi (refinement). What is refinement? When you were a small child, you would fight over a petty toy that you were fond of. You may have fought with each other about the toy. Would you fight for the toy now? No. As you grow up, you understand that it is not proper behaviour to squabble over petty things. If you need something, you must politely ask for it, but not demand it. Stealing or snatching things from others is not good behaviour. As you grow up, you learn civilised behaviour. You become refined. All of us consume rice. Where does it come from? Rice is grown in paddy fields and is covered with husk. Husk has to be removed through a process of refinement, to make rice fit for consumption.”

“Swami has always existed. He exists now and will continue to exist in the future. He takes various forms just like the water vapour transforms into water and further transforms into ice. The divinity materialises in various forms so that man can touch, feel and experience it. It is difficult to comprehend this phenomenon as man is bound by the limitation of time, space and circumstances. Human effort is needed to understand the Truth. If you tell a child that stars are bigger than the moon, he may not believe you as he sees the moon to be bigger than the stars. If you explain the same to higher-class boys, they would understand the logic and accept it. If you tell a child that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, he would immediately believe it as he understands the concept of directions. If you tell him that the sun neither rises nor sets and it is the earth which rotates about its own axis, he would not believe you. He believes in what he can see and experience with his own Physical eyes. Lord Shiva has a third eye, which is not the Physical eye but the faculty of inner vision. It is represented as an eye on the forehead. It takes a bit of analysis and effort to understand the reality that lies beyond physical sensory perception. In order to hold water in your hands, you will need to condense steam into liquid water and into ice!”

“Students can experience this divinity, as their hearts are pure and unblemished. They are able to understand these things much faster than elders. Elders mind is filled with excessive rationality and it is difficult for them to grasp these truths unless they have the heart of a child. Students can easily experience the form and the formless aspects of divinity.”

“You often get dreams. In those dreams, you might see Swami walking amidst you, talking to you and giving you something. When you wake up, you can no longer see Swami or touch Him or talk to Him. Then who was that Swami, who came to you in your dream, spoke to you and made you happy? Can He be brought back? No. But there is a world inside of us. Dream is also a state of consciousness in which pure souls can experience divinity. It is a bit difficult to see the bottom in unquiet water. Similarly when you are awake, the faculty of your mind is completely engaged with senses and therefore, agitated. It is difficult to look inward, when the mind is in such a state. But if you can sit down quietly even for five minutes detaching your mind from the senses, you can experience the inner reality.”

[Source: Sri Sathya Sai Uvacha Volume 1]

Why come in Sookshma Shareera?

“My 85 year body had become a very old car. Does anybody want to drive in an 85 year old car? Tyres are gone, accelerator is not functioning and brakes have failed. I got bored of that old car which was not moving fast enough. I had to get a new car which would move faster. That is what I did, since I had no attachment to physical body. What is wrong in that? If you want, you can also do it. But attachment to body stops you. Some students might ask Me, ‘Why did Swami come in the physical form in the first place?’ If I had not come in the physical body, you would not have experienced what Divinity is all about. Looking at Swami’s physical body, you could understand that Divinity is Love, Compassion and Purity.”

“In order to entertain the grandchildren, a grandfather bends down on four limbs like a horse and takes them on the back. That is how the grandchildren understand the love of the grandfather. I also did the same thing so that humanity could understand My love. But I did not walk on fours; but walked only on two legs! I made Myself available to everyone so that they could understand My Divinity. It is My love that made Me trap Myself in this body. Your physical body is still useful to you. You have to keep the car as long as it is useful; but when the car becomes useless, you should also be ready to change over to another car“.

“I cannot describe to you the intensity of pain I used to undergo when I was in thephysical form. You cannot bear the pain even if one of your bones breaks. You will suffer for a month at least. For Me it was like a thousand bones breaking together. Do you still want Me to bear that pain? (Students replied – ‘No Swami’). You have the right attitude. But there are some people who don’t mind Me bearing all the pain but they wanted Me to stay on. I was not able to brush my own teeth or comb My own hair or wear My own clothes. It became so helpless at the end. But one should uphold one’s dignity. Therefore I took the right decision. Some people may say, “Swami was admitted to hospital; all types of treatment were given to

His body for one month; but doctors were not able to save. Therefore doctors are at fault!”No, nobody was at fault. It was My decision and nobody could have stopped it!” “Earlier, Madhusudhan had asked me a similar question, ‘Bhagawan, You were in the hospital for 28 days. People doubt that the doctors did not treat You well.’ Swami’s answer was, “Look, I was there in the hospital for one month for the sake of people who were serving Me. If I had suddenly given up the body in the Yajurmandir, it would have led to more confusion and commotion. I subjected Myself to all types of treatment so that the doctors could try whatever medical science they knew and at the same time, I prepared the people around for My physical departure.’ Without understanding the truth, people may say anything. If one spits at the sky, the spit will fall on his own face and nothing will happen to the sky. I am untouched by praise or blame; or by pleasure or pain; because, I am beyond all attributes!” — Baba

What to expect from Swami in this form?

“This subtle form is just like the physical form, without the flesh and bones. My work is not yet over. Keep yourself selfless and pure so that I may use you all as My instruments. I do not have a body but I shall use your bodies to do My work. Your hands shall be my hands, your feet shall be My feet, your words shall be My words and your actions shall be My actions. Be selfless. Glorious times are ahead when the whole world will become Sai-mayam (filled with Sai). Soon I will be back in another Physical form as Prema Sai who will further guide you all and continue the work”. “In the next ten years, many important events will take place all over the world. Swami will manifest Himself in many ways in many places, simultaneously. I have said in the past, that there will be a day when you will see Me everywhere at the same time, and this is happening right now. All around the globe, there are people who are experiencing Swami. Not outside, but within themselves. The days of the Interview are now over. It is time now for the Inner-view! It is time now for the Inner-net, not Internet. All of this, you must experience within you. Look within, and you will find Me there. As long as you maintain purity of your heart, you can surely attain Divinity.

Unity, Purity, Divinity – these are the three principles that children must always remember. What is Unity? I am not referring to communal unity or national unity or unity among nations. I am talking about the unity of thought, word and deed! If you have the unity of thought, word and deed, that indeed is purity. If you have purity, you will understand Divinity.”

Can we also see and listen to Swami in His Sookshma roopa? If yes, then how?

“Imagine that you have a radio with you. The songs which are broadcast are always there in the air. There are many radio stations like the All India radio, the London Radio, the American Radio and so on. Can you hear these songs without a radio? Not at all; a radio is required to capture the signals and convert the same into sound. But if you have to listen to a particular radio station, you have to tune the radio to that frequency. If the tuning is not precise, it will result in a lot of noise and no song can be heard. Similarly, mind is the radio. Swami is the song. If you wish to experience Swami, then your mind must be precisely tuned into Him. Your mind should not only be calm, but also be pure. Without a pure and a calm mind, it is not possible to understand the divine phenomenon.”

“Swami is reflected in a pure and equanimous mind. For example, if you want to see the reflection of the sky in a lake, two conditions have to be met. First, the water should be pure; because in muddy water, you will not even see even your own reflection. Second, water should be still and calm. Otherwise, disturbed water with ripples will pervert the reflection of the sky.”

“You can only find Me in your heart, in the subtle form. The heart is the right channel to feel Swami’s presence, even to perceive and hear Him. For this to happen, you have to calm and purify your mind and tune into Swami. If your antenna is oriented properly, you will definitely get both video and audio!”

 “You must find Me within you. Swami came down all the way in a physical body to grant you opportunities. Now I have gone upstairs. You have to come up to meet Me; you have to climb step by step. An act of selflessness everyday will take you higher, and one day you will reach where I am. Those days when anybody could walk in are over. Then I had made Myself available to everyone. Now only those who have purity of mind can come upstairs and meet Me in My room.”

“Naanya panthaah Ayanaya Vidyate – There is no way you can find Me back on the physical plane but you can find Me in your own heart. For that you have to develop purity, selfless love and do selfless service. Then you will come closer to Me and find Me.” “It is very difficult for people to understand and experience this. Only those who have great love for Swami and great humility have the opportunity to experience these things. Protect these feelings in your heart as you protect a candle in the wind.”

How exactly does He communicate with Madhusudhan, His communicator?

Swami explains this through an example. “Arjuna heard the teachings of Sri Krishna on

the battlefield. It is said that, the dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna happened in seven

hundred stanzas classified into eighteen cantos. Anybody can imagine that it takes quite a

long time for that to happen. What were others doing in the battlefield then? Were they

sleeping? Or why would they stand there like statues for that long? What is the secret of this

phenomenon? The truth is Krishna did not teach the eighteen cantos of the Bhagawad-

Geeta taking either eighteen hours or even eighteen minutes. Then how did this happen?

Krishna took Arjuna to another plane of existence, which is not bound by desha, kala and

paristhiti (space, time and causation). Here is an example: You sleep in the night and get a

dream. You go to Chennai in your dream and visit your mother-in-law’s home. You eat dosa,

idli and other dishes, converse with everybody there and return by a train. All these

happened in the dream. If you want to really go to Chennai and do all that and return, it will

take minimum of twenty four hours for you. But in your dream, the whole episode took only

a few minutes. What is the secret of this phenomenon? In dream, there are no limitations of

time, space and causation. Similarly Krishna taught Arjuna, the Bhagavad-Gita on the plane

of absorption in meditation, where there are no barriers of time, space and causation.”

What is the message of Swami in Sookshma Shareera? Is it any different from His message in Sthoola Sharira?

“Whether I am in the body or not, the purpose is just the same. It has not changed. Whether I was Rama or Krishna or Allah or Jesus or Buddha – the purpose has always remained the same. I have come for transformation of the human heart, and I continue to do that. If there were circumstances in which I could have stayed in the physical body, I would have continued to do the same. There would not have been any change. The destination is the transformation of human into Divine. Don’t ever think it is just opening educational institutions or giving drinking water under the name of Sathya Sai. All good work is God’s work. I am not bothered by name or fame. Sathya Sai is not important for Me. No doubt, hospitals, schools, water projects, Narayana Seva, Bhajans, all are not important to Me. If after doing all these things, there is no transformation, it is of no use to Me.

I am creating these opportunities for my students, teachers, doctors, nurses, engineers, and all the others, only because they will think more of others by participating in these works, and gradually, their selfishness reduces and they will become selfless one day, and they will become Divine. That is I why I am creating these opportunities. These opportunities make you selfless. Swami wants you to become selfless so that your heart is full of Love.”

What are the tasks Swami has taken upon Himself in the Sookshma Shareera thus far from 2011-2015?

Swami continues to execute projects in the areas of healthcare, educare and sociocare to accomplish the mission of human transformation.

Educare (Vidya):

Swami has already established schools in the districts of Gulbarga, Mandya, Mudhol, Bijapur, Bagalkot and Jayapura in the state of Karnataka that impart free value-based education to young children.  He plans to establish many more in the coming years, not only in Karnataka, but all around India.


Healthcare (Vaidya):

Swami has established a new super-speciality hospital in cardiac-care called the Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital in Naya Raipur, Chattisgarh. The hospital specializes in paediatric care and has performed more than 700 surgeries totally free of cost since its inception in November 2012. Many more hospitals to be established in different cities are already in the pipeline.


Sociocare (Vaari and Vidyuth):

Apart from providing clean drinking water (Vaari) to the needy, Swami has also taken up the task of providing clean energy (Vidyuth). He has willed the creation of a firm called Lotus Energy Solutions through which He is establishing small-scale solar power plants at various regions with the goal of self-sufficiency in terms of energy. Swami often remarks, “The proof of My existence is in My Work”. In this way, He continues to inspire men and women from all walks of life to serve society and develop love in their hearts.

If the Sookshma Shareera is not bound by space, time and circumstances, then why does He now travel by car?

“I can appear here even without a car. But I came in the car to make you understand. I have created this little drama of coming and going so that you can understand, and you are encouraged to aspire and experience Swami in this form. Previously when you were in Muddenahalli and when I was granting darshan in Prasanthi Nilayam, you would go to Prasanthi Nilayam to have My darshan. When I was travelling from Prasanthi Nilayam to Whitefield, you would go and stand by the road side, because you knew that Swami’s car was going to pass. This is why I create this drama of coming and going in the car. Either the drama I was enacting in Prasanthi Nilayam previously or the drama that I am enacting here has the same purpose. Nothing has changed. Only the car is changed. The destination is the same. “  –  Baba