Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Blood Cancer Cancelled

Swami’s compassion is usually described in a cliche as being “boundless”. We use this term freely, without fully understanding the meaning. Our mind, limited and selfishly limiting by nature, can never ever truly comprehend the limitless, completely selfless love of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba! Verily, we can only catch a glimpse of its faintest facet, by listening to His causeless mercy bestowed on others.

Swami always says, “You do My work, I will do yours!” Going about our duties with devotion, and seeing all work as His work, is the crux of our spiritual learning. Here, we narrate one such story involving Brother Sonu Kumar, which happened two days ago.

Sonu Kumar, hails from Bihar and is a typical 16-year-old Sai student. He is currently in Grade 11, in the Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva Pre University College, Muddenahalli campus. As with teenagers his age, he has his own hobbies like reading, which excites him beyond the regular school curriculum. But Sonu’s passion is working on Audio and Acoustic equipment, and he utilises his passion completely in the service of the Lord! Sonu is an eager volunteer assisting the Publications and Communications team at Sri Sathya Sai Premamrutha Prakashana, with the setting up of all the audio equipment, including mics and sound systems.

On Monday, February 08, 2016, during the wee morning hours of the morning, 4am to be precise, Sonu woke up with a sudden jolt from his deep slumber. He looked around to see his room mates fast asleep, when to his utter surprise a bright golden light engulfed the wide expanse, outside the window of his hostel room. Sonu rubbed his eyes in disbelief. Was it a trick of the morning sunlight, he wondered, in his half-awake state. In a trice, the golden ray of light was replaced by Bhagawan’s beautiful form, dressed in a resplendent yellow robe! He was there just outside the window, in His full majestic form!

Sonu was now fully awake and paid his respects to the Lord. Swami asked him how he was. “Very fine Swami. Very happy!” was the pat reply. Swami asked him, “How is Blood Cancer?” Young Sonu did not understand what the Lord asked. Swami asked him again, “How is Blood Cancer?” A blank expression once again from Sonu, as he said, “I still don’t understand Swami.”

The Divine Mother then said, “Blood cancer is cancelled!” The Lord vanished, the bright golden light disappeared, and it was back to the dark wee hours of the morning. Not realising what had just happened, and thinking this was probably his imagination, Sonu went back to sleep.

But all was certainly not well before that morning! For the past few days, during the Sports Meet, Sonu had been in pain, coughing up blood. But, he bore it stoically, going about his duties diligently. He did not mention a word to anyone; just praying for strength to overcome his weaknesses and complete his allotted tasks of setting up the acoustical infrastructure, for the successful conduct of the Sports Meet.

As the day progressed, Sonu couldn’t help but wonder – was it real? Was Swami really outside my hostel room window? Did Swami really cure me of blood cancer which hadn’t been diagnosed yet? But, Sonu had an unwavering faith in the Lord. In the past, Sonu has been blessed with many visions of the Lord, and in fact during one occasion, Bhagawan appeared before him for an entire week, to teach him meditation!

Shy, unassuming, and humble as always, he just set about his tasks with renewed vigour, not feeling the least need to share his rare, good fortune with others, and bask in their adulation. He went about his normal morning routine, without telling anyone – not his classmates, not the hostel warden, or his teachers; he did not even share it with his parents.

On the same morning, Swami met the sixth and seventh grade students of the Gulbarga Campus at Premdeep, and as always, Sonu went about doing his duty of setting up the audio system and mics for the session. He prayed to Swami “Bhagawan, if this experience was indeed real, show me a sign. Talk to me, or simply say something!”

When the compassionate Lord came out, He walked straight to Sonu and lovingly asked him, “How are you now? Don’t you have school today?”