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Sai – My Divine Counsellor

When Deepika, a Sai Youth from Bangalore was at major crossroads in her academic life, Bhagawan came to her aid, guiding her to make the right decision. While she came to Swami as a young Bal Vikas student, it was only in the later years that she cemented a loving relationship with Him. She is currently pursuing her engineering degree in Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, Bangalore.

In this article she shares her experiences with Swami and the divine lessons He taught her through them. Read on:

The air was reverberating with high-pitched melodious bhajans as Balvikas children sang with full gusto in front of Bhagawan on Eashwaramma day in Brindavan in the year 2006. As a nine-year old balvikas student, I was one among them, fortunate enough to be seated in the first line. During the bhajans, I vividly remember Swami gazing into my eyes continuously for a long time. He kept looking at me for so long that after a while I got really scared and foolishly turned my gaze away from Him. And I felt extremely relieved when I found that He was not looking at me anymore. Even though I now regret my immaturity, I realise that through this experience Swami was teaching me that He is always looking at us and is constantly by our side. And when we connect to Him internally, we can experience bliss. This was my first experience with Swami. And as the years passed, I got busy in my own world of school and other cultural activities. During my high school days, I came to know about Radio Sai and the website helped me to know more about Swami and His mission. However, it was in the last two years that Swami decided to show His presence in our house, or rather, He allowed us to feel His presence.

God makes His presence known

September 15, 2014 is one of the most memorable days of my life. I was getting ready to go to coaching classes, when my brother came rushing towards me, grinning away gloriously. My curiosity aroused, I followed him to the altar where I saw to my pleasant surprise that vibhoothi had manifested on Swami’s photographs. Incredulous though it was in the beginning, what followed during the next fortnight convinced me without any doubt that it was His divine love and blessings that we were experiencing. The miracles increased and vibhoothi manifested on the chocolates, fruits and naivedyam that had been offered. There is a photo of Swami with His hands raised in Abhayahastha and honey flowed from His palms. When I kept my pens (to be used for the coming exams) on the altar, Bhagawan would graciously bless those too. All these events increased my faith considerably. After my board exams, I had a month of study holidays to prepare for competitive exams and it was then that the following incident occurred.

I was reading something in my room, when my thoughts drifted and I had a bad thought or two. I was broken out of my reverie by the sharp sound of something falling. As I turned to see what it was, I saw to my shock that the 3D photo of Swami that I kept on my bedside had fallen off. This particular photo is placed in such a manner that it is sometimes difficult to even remove the photo for cleaning. Of all the photos that could have fallen off, this photo would have been the hardest. Moreover, it had fallen with such a sound that it felt as if Swami had pushed Himself off ! And then the understanding came to me. Swami didn’t want me to entertain bad thoughts and had decided to teach me a lesson. I apologised to Him profusely and gingerly put back the photo in its place. I then decided to negate my bad thoughts by thinking of good things. Switching on Radio Sai, I started singing bhajans and just as I was thinking, ‘See, Swami, I’m doing something you like now’, the flower kept on another Swami’s photo on my study table fell to the ground. What more did I need to understand that He was aware of every thought that was going through my mind. And in what an amazing manner He chose to teach that lesson!

Our Life is His Responsibility

It was a similar miraculous sequence of events that led to my joining the college I’m in today.

The alarm rang out loud and clear several times but was stopped repeatedly as I pushed down the button and cuddled into my sheets on the morning of 18th April, 2015. I went back to sleep and it was then that I had my first Swami’s dream. I was travelling in a bus along with Swami and other girl students. I remember that I was wearing a white salwar kameez with a greyish colour pant and was sitting somewhere at the back while Swami was seated in the front seat. Swami asked a numerical question. I quickly calculated the answer, realising that the question was slightly tricky though it appeared to be simple. Everyone except me said in one voice “Sixteen”. Swami shook His head and said “No”. I then lifted my hand and said “Eighteen”. “Correct” He said and asked me to come near Him. Then He very lovingly granted me Padanamaskar and with that the dream ended. When I woke up in the morning, elated though I was that Swami had appeared in my dream, I really couldn’t make sense of the events in the dream.

Days passed and soon the government declared that the results of the 2nd PU board exams would be declared on 16 May, 2015. Being engrossed in anxious thoughts about my results and preparations for the coming exams, I had more or less forgotten about the dream. 16th May, 2015 dawned and with trepidation in my heart, I read the newspaper to look for results only to realise that it had been postponed to 18th May. So it was on the 18th of May that I finally received the results and saw that I had got a distinction. It was only then that I remembered the dream about 16 being the wrong answer and 18 the correct one and realised that Swami had all along known about this and had blessed me in advance. There had been a lot of discrepancies in the answer paper corrections that year and I knew that if I had got good marks, it was only due to the grace of my mother Sai. But the events did not end there.

When I first came to Muddenahalli

I first came to know about Swami continuing His mission in the subtle body by reading about it on the internet, not a very positive report though. But I then remembered that when I had got the opportunity to sing bhajans in Muddenahalli along with our music group in 2012, I had felt very happy and could feel Swami’s presence there even though at that time I knew nothing of the subtle body phenomenon. We were treated with so much love. So, when a relative of mine after experiencing a sathsang session in Muddenahalli confessed that he was sure it was definitely Swami Himself, I had absolutely no doubt that it was our beloved Swami and rushed to Muddenahalli to experience Swami in the subtle form. Reflecting back, I realise that it was only due to Swami’s grace and His will that I was able to follow my heart and experience His presence so easily.

After the results, I was caught in a quandary as to whether I should be applying for engineering or dental course. I was hoping to seek Swami’s advice on the same. But when I came to Muddenahalli that week neither did I get a chance to speak to Him nor did He speak to me. Swami however did look at me and the only thought in my mind then was ‘Engineering or dental? Engineering or dental?’ With no reply coming from Swami, I decided to resign to my fate and went home rather dejectedly. That night Swami came in my dream and as I took the opportunity to ask Him what course I should be joining, Swami said very clearly twice, “Engineering, engineering”. I woke up with a jolt, overjoyed at the turn of events and rushed to convey the good news to my mother. She too was very happy about it and soon I got a seat in a good engineering college. After I joined the college, it was announced that the first year students would be getting uniforms that year. When I was receiving the uniform, I had goose bumps all over as I realised that it the very same salwar kameez that I had worn in my first dream with Swami. The Lord had chosen a college for me months before even my results had arrived. Now, I realise that the college Swami has chosen is perfect for me in every possible way and any other college if chosen, would not have been this convenient. God’s choices are always the best. I only hope that Swami will grant me the strength to understand that everything that happens in my life is His will for me and therefore is always for the best.


Deepika K

DEEPIKA Attending as BalVikas Alumus @Festival of Joy - Brindavan

DEEPIKA Attending as BalVikas Alumus @ Festival of Joy – Brindavan