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When Faith moves mountains… (Part 2)

Have faith, and experience will follow” – Bhagawan has always said. The story of Sai Prasad is an inspiring account of the potency of such faith. While a sudden turn of events saw Sai Prasad become paralyzed and lose his voice, his faith in his Swami nursed him back to health.

Sai Prasad, who hails from Chennai, had joined Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School in Prashanthi Nilayam in the year 2010. Being a gifted Harmonium player, he was an active member of the Prashanthi Mandir Bhajan Group right from his Higher Secondary school days. After completing his schooling in 2012, he enrolled himself for the B.Com programme at the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Brindavan Campus. But in 2015, he had to discontinue his studies at Brindavan College due to his unfavourable health condition. Currently, he is pursuing Company Secretarial (CS) programme in Bangalore.

Read on to know about the enriching and stirring experience of this Sai student.

This is Part 2 of Brother Sai Prasad’s story. To appreciate it better, it is highly recommended to read Part 1 and then continue with this.

Bhagawan’s blessings were abundantly available for Sai Prasad. While he would see Swami every day, he never asked Swami to heal his paralyzed body. But the gracious Lord had made a voiceless Sai Prasad sing already. And He was not done yet! More miraculous healing was in store. Read on to know about how Sai Prasad got healed completely, led purely by Swami’s love for him and his faith in Him.

From singer to a Marathoner

On December 7th 2015, Swami appeared to Sai Prasad yet again, but with a ‘strange’ command. He asked him to register for the upcoming Marathon to be held at Nice Road in Bangalore! He followed His commands without question and immediately opened the Internet browser to look up the details for registering for the Marathon, even while Swami was standing right next to him. Swami appeared very keen to ensure that Sai Prasad registers for the event. He waited until he registered and then showered His blessings on Sai Prasad.

When Sai Prasad narrated this experience to his sister, she knew Swami had big plans for her brother. She tried her best to make Sai Prasad keep his foot down, once at least. But their efforts seemed in vain. But they didn’t give up on hope. There was some time before the marathon and their Swami was known to be a miracle-worker. In the run up to the D-day, a Sai family in Bangalore had invited Sai Prasad for a special bhajans at their home. During the bhajans, Sai Prasad was blessed by Swami in the form of Vibhuti shower on his head. That blessing gave Sai Prasad the much-needed strength and energy to begin his preparations for the marathon. He later confessed that trying to keep his foot down was one of the most painful experiences he went through ever in life.

But Swami couldn’t see Sai Prasad suffer. He appeared yet again in his home one morning. Sai Prasad could hear Swami’s footsteps for the first time, as Bhagawan gently walked down the stairs. Swami sat in the dining room and asked Sai Prasad to set his legs loose and free, so that Swami could apply Vibhuti on it! A Sai devotee had come to see Sai Prasad then and was standing in the dining hall, bewildered at the sight of Vibhuti magically appearing on Sai Prasad’s legs from thin air! After applying Vibhuti on Sai Prasad’s legs, Swami told him “Go play cricket outside!” Thus saying Bhagawan disappeared, leaving Sai Prasad walking again! Sai Prasad could, after a wait of more than a year, not just stand on his feet but walk!

Every day from then became ‘blissfully challenging’ for him! Swami made him practice running, playing cricket and cycling! A proud Father that Swami is, Sai Prasad could see Swami standing and watching every bit of the practice. God didn’t give up on His Devotee, nor did the Devotee give up on His God!

On the final day of Marathon, 13th December 2015, Sai Prasad reached the venue half an hour late. He was doubtful about qualifying for the race, but even as that thought arose, Bhagawan appeared to him and said “Dunnapota (Buffalo), I cannot allow you to come last in the race!” So saying Bhagawan indicated Sai Prasad to start running the race. And even as Sai Prasad started running, he could see Bhagawan running along with him! The Lord was leaving no stone unturned to nurse him back to wholesome health! Swami would constantly guide him, asking him to run a few miles and then take breaks, again run few miles before taking another break. Bhagawan was keen on following up every minute detail of the race. He would instruct Sai Prasad to drink juice in between, and once even chided him for trying to make a conversation with a fellow-runner! Sai Prasad’s total surrender to the Lord’s words made him follow each and every word of Swami diligently, throughout the course of the marathon.

The Grand Finale of this marathon was when Swami instructed Sai Prasad to sprint as fast as he could. Sai Prasad knew that it was nothing but sheer divine will that had made him come this far in the marathon. But he somehow mustered all his strength and started to sprint the last 2-3 kilometers of the marathon. With each passing moment, he was gasping for breath. Yet, he sprinted the last few miles with utmost faith that he will be able to make it with Bhagawan by his side.

As he touched the finishing line, his eyes welled up. He was choked with emotions of joy and gratitude! He couldn’t believe it when the organizers informed him that he had clocked 1 hour and 14 minutes to cover the distance of 10 kilometers! From a boy who couldn’t even put his foot down some months ago, thanks to the abundant grace of Swami, he had just become a successful marathoner!

Bhagawan then instructed Sai Prasad to go see his doctor, now that he was cured! But Bhagawan told him not to tell the doctor about the miracle. He directed him to thank the doctor for his treatment.

In pain, but not suffering

Sai Prasad says that though he has pain, he has no suffering as Swami appears to him and speaks to him every day! He also confesses that Swami is like a fun-loving friend to him – a young Swami bubbling with energy! Every morning, Swami wakes him up for Suprabhatam chanting! If he continues to sleep, Bhagawan would appear again and admonish him lovingly, “Aye Dunnapota! (Hey, Buffalo!)”

Bhagawan who held up his spirit during the toughest period of his life, had as promised healed his body too! While Sai Prasad continues to have such visions of the beautiful form of Swami, he doesn’t think of it as a miracle. Instead he feels it’s a testimony to the love that Bhagawan showers on him every single time. 

What’s the one learning through all this experience and Sai Prasad, without a moment’s delay, said that there is only one God and He is available for His devotees all the time. He shared that he had visited Prashanti Nilayam in February 2016 and had a beautiful Darshan of the Lord seated on His throne in flesh and blood during bhajans! It was the same Swami who had appeared in His house, in Muddenahalli, in the hospital in Chennai and during the marathon in Bangalore. God didn’t see divisions; all He saw was His love for us and our love for Him!

What more lessons await Sai Prasad in this journey of life, he knows not. But with Swami as his companion, he is more than game for life, he ends with a smile.