Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Beloved in My Town – Jasna Dogic


“Long time ago I was reaching for faraway India in order to lay down my heart in front of the feet of the Beloved one. Today my Beloved one has stood in front of me.

A long time ago I went through the thousands of dusty kilo metres in order to reach the house of the Beloved one. Today, the Beloved one was in my house.  In my town.

Today the world has turned upside down, and all the pathways on the earth, in order to bring my Beloved to me.

All the Universe gathered in one tiny spot, and all the Gods of heaven have looked upon my country and my town, and looked down on my flickering and joyful heart…

And still now I am standing here with the tears in my eyes, asking the question “Is it possible that He loves me so much? Is it possible that someone cares for me so much? Is it possible that the Master of the whole Universe and the seven kingdoms is walking the same way today as I am? That He is smiling in front of me and telling me the stories about lovingly secrets of life, which my weary heart wants to hear?“

Today is the celebration. Today is the heavenly feast. Today angels envy us.

My Beloved one has come to my door carrying all Himself as a present for me.

I accepted that gift and stayed forever drowned in it.

Today nobody and nothing can distract us from our embrace.

So therefore, You are free to come and go whenever and wherever you want, You My biggest Happiness – as I am remembering our embrace today, and will stay in it forever.

– Jasna Đogić, Croatia