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Experiencing the Omnipresence of Baba After the Mahasamadhi – Pandit Sri Shivkumar Sharma


Bhagawan Baba always told, “Don’t get attached to My physical form; look beyond that; I am always with you around you, protecting you wherever you are!” During Baba’s physical presence on this planet I experienced Baba’s Omnipresence many a time, which I had shared with Sai devotees in different articles in the past. But the purpose of sharing my experience this time is: How after the Mahasamadhi Swami established contact with my whole family and me.

A few months after He shed His mortal body; I received a phone call from Smt. Shalini ji (wife of Sri C. Sreenivas from Bangalore) that a student of Sathya Sai Institute, Sri Madhusudan gets messages from Swami directly. Initially, they could not believe that it was possible, but when they met him and certain messages were given to them, which were known only to them and Swami, they were convinced that there was a person who had been been chosen as a ‘communicator’ by Swami to carry on the work for serving the humanity. One of the first outcomes of these divine messages was to start a super specialty hospital in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. How things moved and this dream became a reality was another example that Swami was working on the planet earth and making things happen for the benefit of mankind. I was invited along with my son Rahul Sharma to perform in the inaugural function of the hospital. Before that Madhusudan ji came to my place along with Sreenivas ji and we sat in the room where Swami had come and blessed our home and we had converted that room into a temple. This was our first encounter to experience Swami talking to us through Madhusudan ji. It was unbelievable but absolutely true. What Swami revealed to us was known only to me and my family and I was meeting Madhusudan ji for the first time! I was totally convinced that we were the chosen ones with whom Baba had established contact again through Madhusudan ji. We were thinking of renovating that room into a proper temple. We asked Swami and He gave us permission to go ahead, and told us that He would come to inaugurate the temple when it was completed. Bhagawan kept His promise and came for the inauguration and also asked Sri Indubhai’s daughter Darshana ji and her husband Dr. Atul ji to come and participate in the ceremony. After that, there have been frequent visits by Swami and we started getting His guidance and blessings with regard to important issues in our life.

I would like to share a few incidents for the benefit of readers how we have been experiencing Swami’s omnipresence and guidance through Madhusudanji. Once, one of our family members was hospitaised, doctors were going to carry on some important tests next morning. We were worried about the results and in desperation, I called Madhusudan ji; generally he does not take phone calls; I usually send him text messages to which he replies. But to my surprise, he picked up the phone and said that he was sitting in meditation when Swami asked him to take the call from Shiv ji. I told him the reason for my calling. He said that he would pray and come back. After fifteen minutes, I received Swami’s message: “Nothing to worry, go ahead with the tests and everything will be normal!” Next morning when the results came, everything was absolutely normal!

Last year, my son Rahul Sharma was to go to the USA. He had applied for the USA Visa but there was no response from the American Embassy about his Visa till a day before the date of journey. I called Madhu ji, but he told me, “I have never asked Swami this kind of question about Visa, I don’t know what I can do.” I said, “okay, I leave it to you.” After half an hour, I received his call. He said, “Swami has said Rahul to pack his bags; he will be travelling to the USA tomorrow!” Within ten minutes after this message, Rahul received an email that his Visa had been cleared!

Last year in the month of November, Baba came home and during our conversation, He asked me, “What are you doing on 23rd November?” I said, “Swami I am free.” He said, “You and your wife, both go to Puttaparti to have darshan of samadhi and on the 24th morning, come to Muddenahalli; you can leave for Mumbai in the evening.” I immediately got my tickets booked. We went to Puttaparti. We had a wonderful experience sitting at the samadhi on the birthday of Swami. After darshan we left for Muddenahalli. The moment I entered that place, I could feel a divine energy all over there. Then we were taken to Baba’s residence for an interview. I felt as if we were back to earlier times, when after Baba’s birthday we would to have an interview on 24th November. Madhusudan ji took us inside the room. Baba started talking through Madhu ji and blessed us. “Whenever you have come on My birthday, I used to give you an interview the next day. Now I am here; so I called you to give an interview this time in Muddenahalli.” As usual many personal things were discussed, which only Swami would know about us and we were overjoyed with this unbelievable experience and returned to Mumbai totally energised with the feeling that Swami was with us!

Visit to Kodaikanal:

I came to know that Bhagawan Baba had decided to go to Kodaikanal this May with some selected students and devotees. I asked Madhu ji if I could also go there. He said, “I will pray to Baba and let you know.” Next day he called me and said that Baba had invited me and my wife to Kodaikanal and to give a performance there. We were highly elated, because I had never been to Kodaikanal when Swami was in his physical form. But three days before our departure, my wife had a serious viral fever and doctor advised her not to travel. I informed Madhuji that I would be going to Kodaikanal alone as my wife was very ill. To our surprise, a day before our departure, my wife although unwell, said, ‘I will come.’ So, against doctor’s advice I took her along with me. Our flight was delayed, since the aircraft in which we had to travel developed a snag and had to be replaced by another one. We reached Kodaikanal very late in the night. Next morning, we were invited for an interview with Swami. As usual we were communicating through Madhusudan ji. I said, “Baba, we are very sorry that we could not come here yesterday.” In his unique style Baba said, “Yes, she was sick and her sickness was taken by the aircraft and the aircraft became sick and she became fit.” Baba asked me to play some classical ragas and bhajans and also share my experiences with students that evening. It was an unbelievable experience to play there and see how Baba was communicating with the audience. I told the students that evening, “Perhaps for the first time in any civilisation in the world, an Avatar is communicating publicly with the devotees after the Mahasamadhi. I don’t think this has happened ever before!” I saw students asking questions and Baba answering them in the way He used to do earlier. I feel that Baba is proclaiming to the world that His work to serve humanity will not stop even though His is not in the physical body. Whether it is opening new hospitlas and new schools or helping the needy people, everything is going on as before. I think that He is maintaining a continuous link with us all over world, till He comes back again as Prem Sai!

Pandit Sri Shivkumar Sharma,