Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Grace and Love – Dr. Ravi Pillay


Dr. Ravi Pillay is the son of Dr. V.K. Pillay, the instrument used by Swami to build the Sai Manonmani Nurses Residential Complex at the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences, Prasantigram, Puttaparthi. Dr. Ravi Pillay is a practising Orthopaedic Surgeon in Singapore. He, his wife Smt. Shyamini and their three children are ardent devotees of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

In 2011, a group of devotees in Singapore heard that Swami’s Mission was expanding to remote parts of India. A large educational campus was being built in Gulbarga. At the same time, the third Super Speciality Hospital, the Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital, dedicated to Paediatric (children’s) Heart Surgery was being established in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. The Singaporean devotees were overjoyed to know that these magnificent institutions were carrying on Swami’s work of uplifting humanity.

It was in November 2012 that Swami made me aware of His Subtle Form. The openings of the school in Gulbarga and the new hospital in Raipur were scheduled about a week apart, but because of work commitments, I decided to attend only the former and return to Singapore. Upon my arrival home, Swami summoned me back to India. This was the moment of my first ‘inner-view’ with our Lord in Raipur. In order to make me aware of His presence, He revealed instances of our interactions during the times He had given me and my family interviews in Puttaparthi. At the same ‘inner-view’, before I could ask Him a question, He gave me the answer. He also advised me on a particular future event which happened as He had willed it. These revelations of my past, present and future were a declaration of His divine Subtle Form. What was more important was that the atmosphere of serenity, love and bliss during the ‘inner-view’ was no different from that during the Interviews Swami graced me with when He was in His Physical Form.

Swami decided to visit Singapore in June 2014 on His way to the US and Canada. When He arrived at my home, He explained to me that one of the purposes of the Singapore visit was to fulfil three promises He had made to my father many years ago.

In the 1980’s three Singaporean devotees wanted to build a dedicated building for Swami in Singapore so that all the Sai activities could be conducted in one location. Swami approved the project and the Sai Centre was constructed at 133 Moulmein Road. I clearly remember my father going to Puttaparthi and inviting Swami for the opening. Swami accepted the invitation and told my father that He would visit Singapore, the Sai Centre and my father’s clinic at Mount Elizabeth Hospital.

When Swami (in His Subtle form) told me the three promises made so many years ago, it revealed to me and my family that Our Dearest Lord never forgets and always keeps His Word in His time.

The next day (June 2014) when I was driving Swami to my father’s clinic, we stopped at the Newton Circus traffic lights. Swami asked me, “Where is the Sai Centre?” I was stunned, as this was the nearest point to the Sai Centre along the route I was driving. This was again another instance of His Omniscience. After visiting the clinic, Swami wanted to see the Sai Centre. We drove there; Swami saw the building from the outside and said He had already been inside.

Swami’s third visit to Singapore was over a period of four days in September 2014. He wanted to see and speak to as many devotees as possible. Daily Satsangs were held in four homes where about 700 devotees gathered over the four days (at the homes of Ravinder Singh, Uma Shankar, Thiagarajan and Kishore Parikh). It was only His Grace that fulfilled my inner yearning to be able to drive Him to these homes. Swami’s Subtle Form does not need to be driven anywhere. It is only to give joy to his devotees that He does this. The same thrill of the heart and feeling of ecstasy filled everyone when they saw Swami’s car approaching, as it had always been before, when He was in the physical form. Each Blessed family was overjoyed to open the car door for Him, take His Blessings, and escort Him into their homes. Many devotees felt the divine presence of the Avatar and were filled with bliss on hearing the divine discourses.

On the last day, He gave a discourse to 220 devotees at the home of an ardent devotee, Sri Kishore Parikh. He also gave ‘inner-views’ to some and saw two of my father’s old friends who were very active in the Singapore Sai Centre during the early days. Having had many interactions with Swami at Puttaparthi, they could immediately connect with Swami’s subtle divine presence.

On His way back in the car, Swami asked me, “Where is the third man?” I was confused, not knowing what Swami meant. Swami then said, “The Chinese man.” Only when I heard this did I realise that Swami was referring to Professor Yeoh, who was the main instrument used by Swami to build the Sai Centre. Only the Avatar can know all these details. It is beyond the ability of any human being. Swami told me to inform Prof. Yeoh that He wanted to meet him the next time. In Dec. 2014, on Swami’s fourth visit to Singapore, Prof. Yeoh had a most blissful ‘inner-view’ with the Lord.

The Avatar has no beginning, and neither does He have an end. His work is Eternal. Over the past two and a half years, He has taken His mission to a level never seen when He was in the Physical Form. The schools and hospitals already established and the ones to come are indeed a testimony to the Glory of our Lord.

In the Holy Bible, Jesus told the apostle Thomas at the time of His Resurrection, “Blessed are they that have not seen but yet have believed.” It is by His Grace that we do not see but believe. It is the same love that was gliding on the sands of Puttaparthi that is now spreading divine love everywhere.

Thank you, Swami, for Your Infinite Grace and Love.