Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

He Continues in the Light Form – Sri. R.Kondala Rao


During last three years, we had the fortunate opportunity of Swami coming to our house in the ‘Light Form’ many a time and blessing us. Every time, He is advising us to provide safe drinking water to the public as service in the divine mission. As per His advice, we have to provide drinking Water for Adilabad district in the State of Telangana and later take up some parts of Maharashtra and Rajasthan.

I had the opportunity of taking Swami’s blessings in the Light Form in America also during my visit to the USA last year.

My wife and I are very happy to be blessed by Swami’s visits after Mahasamadhi and we always feel that Swami is with us and gives us all strength to carry out the service activities. He is also taking care of our family and children even though He is not physically present.

When Swami was in the physical body, He treated us with utmost love and affection and we treated Him as our own Father, Mother, Guru and God. We get the same feeling when He comes to us in the Light Form.

The discourses given by Swami in the Light Form in the last five months, beginning with talks at Kodaikanal in May 2014, are highly inspiring. I am happy to learn that a compilation of some of these discourses is being published during the 89th birthday celebrations of our dear Lord; it will be highly reassuring to devotees all over the world.

Sri R. Kondala Rao – Former Chief Engineer, Government of Andhra Pradesh,