Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

In the company of compassionate Lord Sai – Sri. S.Thiagarajan

Sri S. Thiagarajan works in the Singapore trade union movement and is a senior industrial relations practitioner. His wife, Smt.S. Shantini, is a lawyer and the General Counsel of a large publicly-listed company. Both have been actively involved in service activities for nearly two decades.

Our earliest interaction with Swami’s Subtle Form was in January 2012. A friend had a vision in which Swami asked him to convey a personal message to us. Subsequently, our friend shared that he had been having visitations from Swami in His Subtle Form for many years, even when Swami was in the physical body – sometimes being asked to pass on messages from Swami to individuals.

The next encounter with this friend was in April 2013 at our home. The casual conversation turned thoughtful as he spoke uninterruptedly on certain spiritual matters. At the end of it, our friend explained that Swami had manifested in his Subtle Body. He merely repeated what Swami had communicated. We were overwhelmed by this tremendous grace and tried to recall in detail what was said. At that point, Swami reappeared and dictated a message that was written down and handed to us for safekeeping.

A year later, as we listened to Swami’s discourse at Kodaikanal, the same revelations given in those writings were repeated. It was an affirmation that what happened in our house was true – that Swami can go anywhere in His Subtle Body, and some individuals are blessed with the gift of seeing and interacting with Swami at this level.

The Kodaikanal retreat in 2014 was incredible and tremendously fulfilling. It was our first time being in Swami’s Presence together with Brother Madhusudhan. We were moved by the immense love, care and concern that Swami showered on His students, teachers and devotees assembled there, giving us a glimpse of how it felt to be the recipient of the love of a thousand mothers. On a personal level, it was also a joyful and thrilling experience, with many lessons to absorb. We were humbled that Swami had picked us to be part of this historic event, where He announced His Subtle Form to the world.

In Kodaikanal, Swami spoke to us as a Singapore group, as well as individual families. Most of us have been working together since the year 2000 on service initiatives in Singapore and India, yet we had never enjoyed such close proximity and interaction as a group with Swami in all those years. The team was also involved with the Sri Sathya Sanjeevani Hospital in Naya Raipur. In that context, Swami mentioned that it was truly selfless to perform service in a foreign country, as there is no direct connection with the recipients.

During the interviews, Swami revealed His omniscience, recalling events from our past, as well as guiding us on things which were to unfold in our lives. Whilst we had no doubts about the authenticity of the Subtle Form from the beginning, these revelations confirmed it was, indeed, our Lord interacting with us.

In July 2014, we visited the Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital in Naya Raipur. Just days before the trip, Thiagarajan’s father’s condition worsened, with daily hernia attacks. This potentially life-threatening condition was inoperable, as he was medically unfit for surgery. At the hospital, Swami communicated through Brother Madhusudhan and reassured us that He would take care of Thiagarajan’s father and that no surgery was needed. Miraculously, the frequent hernia attacks ceased immediately thereafter!

In September 2014, Swami visited our home in Singapore. We had organised bhajans for a select group of devotees. Strict instructions were given that invitations were not transferable, as there was limited space. As Swami entered our house, He dropped a rose onto a stranger seated amongst the devotees. Later, we found out that Swami had directed her, during meditation, to come to our place. Another uninvited guest, who had come to drop off her son, joined in the bhajans. Subsequently, she shared with us that the setting of our house, decorations, altar and the bhajans had occurred in her only dream of Swami – ten years earlier. Similarly, there were others who had personal experiences of Swami’s presence that evening. During the divine discourse and later, during an interview with family members, Swami once again revealed His intimate knowledge of our lives.

During the Kodaikanal retreat in 2014 Swami, had given Thiagarajan a chain and a locket with His picture. Over a period, the pendant was damaged and Swami’s face could hardly be seen. Shortly before Swami’s visit to Singapore in September 2015, Thiagarajan had the passing thought of asking Swami to replace the pendant, but quickly dismissed it as being a petty request. However, this desire did not pass the notice of dear Swami. A few days later, the locket miraculously transformed and gleamed like new again. We were thrilled and deeply grateful to Swami for this.

We have been blessed to have had several interviews with Swami in the Subtle Form. During these sessions, He has showered us with much love and kindness. Our Lord patiently answers our questions and guides us in our sadhana.

On one occasion, Shantini asked if angels exist. Swami confirmed that angels exist to do God’s work, and we must respect them. Quite simply, Swami explained that, as in a business, where there are different divisions and a boss, the angels are here to do work that God has allotted them. We can go directly to them or to Swami, but the choice is ours.

Once, one of us was in a dilemma, having been asked to manage the dismissal of an employee. We turned to Swami for guidance and He lovingly explained that work is worship. Just as one would remove a spoilt flower offered in worship, one should also dismiss someone who is not performing. However, Swami said that such action should be done with love. Mercifully, shortly after the interview, the employee concerned decided to resign, sparing the agony of having to dismiss him.

This phase of Swami’s mission in the Subtle Form is exciting and a wonderful opportunity for devotees to participate – and, in the process, to transform themselves. Swami has said that the Puttaparthi days were ‘primary school’. Everyone is admitted and automatically moves to the next level. In the Subtle Form, it is now ‘high school’. Not everyone is admitted – and not everyone admitted will make it.

Swami has repeatedly said that, to pass the test, one needs to demonstrate selfless love and selfless service. The schools, hospitals and other initiatives by Swami in the Subtle Form are means for the transformation of devotees. There is an urgency to act for our own salvation. If we miss this opportunity, it may not present itself again – now, or in our future lives.

In His infinite compassion, Swami has given the assurance that, if we take the first step, He will give us the strength to overcome all challenges. Swami is here to teach us to be fearless and courageous, and to be of steady mind in pursuing the ultimate goal of realising our innate Divinity.

Sri. S. Thiagarajan