Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Ray of Hope – Sri U.Rajesh


Sri U. Rajesh is a renowned mandolin player; he is the younger brother of the late Sri U. Srinivas, who was prominent in bringing this Italian instrument to the stage of Indian classical music. At present, U. Rajesh also looks after the music school, Srinivas Institute of World Music (SIOWM), in Chennai, which is providing free musical tuition to interested youngsters.

When our beloved brother Srinivas died recently, leaving us all behind, we were in a state of great sorrow and distress, so much so that we lost faith in everything and were without direction. At that juncture, our very good friend, Sri Kunal Ganjawalla brought a ray of hope and solace. He told us that Bhagawan Baba is in the Subtle Body and shared with us his experiences with Swami. Due to the severe pain we were experiencing, as a result of the loss of our brother, we were unable to accept this truth. Exactly one month after our brother passed away, there was a severe fire at our home in Chennai. We almost thought that we were going to lose our lives but, by Swami’s grace, we were all saved miraculously from this traumatic accident. Once again, on 23rd November 2014, Kunal called us and invited us to have Swami’s darshan at Muddenahalli and to experience His presence. He was very concerned about us, as he was aware of the intensity of our pain and the troubles in our lives. My sister and I went to Muddenahalli on 23rd November to have Swami’s darshan. We had Swami’s darshan and we stayed there for the next couple of days. On 25th November, Swami called us for an Interview and spoke to us. Since we were in pain, He consoled us with His matchless love and compassion. He revealed to us many things about our lives, which were not previously known, and He cleared up all our apprehensions about my brother’s sudden death. Since we were not able to accept the reality that, physically, he is no longer with us, Swami explained to us why He had taken him back, and what happened in the hospital with my brother. We were in tears. His proximity brought bountiful hope to our lives, which were then at a crossroads. Swami’s reassurance gave us the strength to accept the reality. In fact, this act of Swami in the Subtle Form has brought us back to the light again. The bliss and joy we experienced with Swami still continues.

Out of His compassion, at the end of the Interview, Swami said that He would come to our home the following week. After the fire, our home was not in good shape, and we were worried how to put it back into good order before Swami’s arrival. Swami’s sankalpa (divine will) makes things happen in no time! As He promised, Swami came to our home, stayed, spoke to us and guided us, and gave us hope. From then on, our life has changed! It is all because of Swami’s grace and blessings.