Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Spectacular Sathya Sai: 34 years with the subtle form of the Avatar – Ms.Connie Shaw


Ms. Connie B. Shaw has devotedly served Sai Baba’s mission for 34 years. She is an international speaker, author, visionary (of Sai Baba, Jesus, Mary and numerous saints), executive coach and counsellor. With her husband, Jim Wright, she is the co-founder of Quantum Gazing, whereby Baba uses her physical form as a step-down transformer for His healings and miracles in 138 venues (Sathya Sai has been seen thousands of times in His Subtle Form during gazing sessions). They have served around 20,000 people on five continents, primarily via Skype, over the past five years, without charge. Ms. Shaw is not a medium, a psychic or a channel.

“What’s all the fuss about Sai Baba’s Subtle Body?” a clairvoyant friend had recently asked me. “If your mother came to your bedside after leaving her body (or ‘dying’) you’d know she was still Mom. Since the whole family would be keenly aware of her passing, you wouldn’t tell your siblings, ‘Guess what, Subtle Mom came and talked to me last night!’” We both chuckled at the prospect, and then I began to reflect on the 34 years of Sai Subtle Body interactions, healings and miracles with which Swami had graced me. Memories of unkind remarks of ‘friends’ also came flooding back.

“Why is it that some people receive so much grace?” they had asked, indignantly, while I waxed enthusiastic about one or another of the Avatar’s latest miracles.

Baba Himself has said that “No one can take someone else’s portion of grace. It’s very simple to receive My grace: If you think of Me, I think of you. If you seldom think of Me, I seldom think of you. Therefore, think of Me often to receive My grace and blessings.” How unspeakably great and glorious is the eternal love of our beloved Sathya Sai, that we can so easily win His grace.

My first Sai Subtle Body interaction took place in 1982, the year after He had appeared to me twice in vivid, wide-awake visions in which He told me that He was the Avatar and was inviting me to Prasanthi Nilayam in India – but this time His arrival was different. It was 3:00 a.m., in March of 1982, and the first of many wee- hour, bedside announcements that Sri Sathya Sai Baba would be making to me in His Subtle Form over the next 33 years. We had met Him just the week before, in the first of many interviews, weeping continually at our good fortune to have finally met Almighty God, the Creator of the Cosmos, for whom I had been searching my entire life. “Don’t worry, dear,” kindly Indian ladies kept saying, as I inexplicably sobbed into sodden hankies. “Your heart is recognising its reunion with the Avatar, the Lord on Earth, and you are overcome with this grace. It’s very normal to weep uncontrollably when you first see Sai Baba, your Divine Father and Mother, the most important relationship you will ever have.”

Swami says that ‘Divinity recognises Divinity.’ Your tears just confirm that you are now starting on life’s most important journey: the conscious path to Realisation, with the help of Sai Baba, who is both God and Guru. Always do everything He says and He will carry you the full distance to the Goal.

Now, a week later, back home in Colorado, at 3:00 a.m., here He was radiant, Motherly, and smiling sweetly, about to drop the first of many ‘information bombs’ on His brand-new, unsuspecting devotee.

He had come, He explained, to issue specific instructions on necessary life-style changes for me, in order that I’d eventually be prepared for a ‘big job’ that He had lined up for me in the future. “I’m going to make you a world-wide teacher and healer, but it’s going to take decades of discipline for you to be ready to undertake it. You must make many changes, since I’m going to send very strong healing energies through you that could burn your body, or even kill you. We begin now. Will you obey Me implicitly?”

Naturally not wanting to be burned or killed, I replied, while cowering under the covers, “Oh, yes, Sai Baba! I’ll do anything You say!” – and thus it has been, for the past three-plus decades yet, now, the only motivation for aligning with the Lord’s Plan, instead of the ego’s flawed plan, is deepest love, joy and gratitude. He has joked with my husband and me that He is all love yet, sometimes, with us, He has pretended to be stern, in order to get and keep our attention! His primary lessons have been for us to trust, obey and surrender to Him. He has also taught us many lessons about discernment, non-attachment, service-with-awareness, living in joy, transcending pain, skilful leadership and motivation, true forgiveness, making amends and viewing life with humour.

Once, during a group interview in Prasanthi Nilayam, Swami suddenly wheeled around to me and asked, “Why have you come?” Startled, I replied, “Because I love You, Swami.”

“What? Louder!” He fairly shouted. “What do you want?”

“Nothing, Swami. I have everything I need. I want nothing from You. I just love You and that’s why I always come.”

“Isn’t there anything at all that you want?” He asked, pressing me for a different answer.

“Alright, there’s one thing, Baba. I’d like to be like a match, to set hearts on fire for the love of God. That’s all.”

“Alright,” He nodded.

A few years later, Baba manifested a navaratna (nine- stone), panchaloha (five metal) ring on Shankara’s birthday, later leading me to the fact that He had been Sri Adi Shankara, and I had been one of His four disciples, each having been charged with building a math, or monastic order. Shortly after that revelation, Baba revealed in a dream that I had spent the previous lifetime as a Shirdi Sai devotee in North India, and then He later led me to understand that my great love for Jesus and Mary was due to my having been one of the first 500 converts of Jesus, as a businessman.

Since then, Swami has made 57 surprising Subtle Body visits to our home, conveying warnings, encouragement, consolation and, on 48 occasions, invitations to bring groups of sick people to India. However, a new phase of service to Him began, unexpectedly, in October, 2010, when He initiated a puzzling new phenomenon, called ‘The Latter Rain’, twice in one day – in Sai Kulwant Hall and, later, in my room. This ‘Harbinger Gift of the Spirit’, as it is termed in Christianity (but not limited to any faith), signifies, according to various texts, that God will perform miracles and healing through His instruments upon whom He dispenses the Latter Rain, via a stream of water, droplets, or mist, usually inside a closed building.

When I mentally asked Baba how it could be (scientifically) raining on my head in Sai Kulwant Hall (and it wasn’t pigeons, in case you are wondering), and subsequently in my room, He said, mysteriously, “You obey Me; others do not. In a few days, in Malaysia, I am going to heal many people through you – infertile couples, the mentally ill, those who are stuck in life, the unemployed and those who are confused and without direction, for example.” Another info-bomb!

A few days later, when a team of four of us accepted invitations to visit several Sai venues in Malaysia, Swami did prodigious works and wonders while we used a quantum healing technique called ‘Matrix Energetics’. Instead of sending 30 people, as we had expected, Baba sent 750 people to various Sai Centre homes and venues, for four days of healings! Though most people came upright, others arrived draped over the shoulders of relatives, or in wheelchairs, or on stretchers. There were ancient grandmothers, tiny infants, pregnant women and the entire men’s ward of the local mental hospital! We were intimidated at the waves of suffering people in need of relief, yet we prayed while working, dripping perspiration, for many hours a day, barefoot, on cement or linoleum floors, in the equatorial heat. Many hopeful, heart-melting Chinese-speaking attendees held up scribbled Chinese pleas for ‘free healing’ on tiny slips of sweaty paper. (Heal them, Lord!)

Swami, in His Subtle Form, did profound clearings of pain, disease, mental illness, headaches, arthritis, injuries and countless complaints and infirmities. Tumours disappeared and chronic conditions vanished! We constantly rejoiced, giving all glory to Sai. He is the Doer; we are merely the doorway.

Mother Mary, who began appearing to me in 1980, subsequently giving nearly a thousand (already) fulfilled prophecies, has said repeatedly that we are now in a period of the greatest inter-faith spiritual renewal and revival in planetary history. It will surpass the numbers and types of miracles performed by the Apostles during Pentecost, wherein there were visions, healings and resurrections. The miracles and healings will bring people back to God in these chaotic times.

Now, Gifts of the Spirit are being liberally given to Baba’s seasoned, trustworthy devotees of all faiths, including prophecy, clairvoyance, bi-location, prophetic dreams, manifestations, healing and resurrection. We know three Sai devotees who, between them, have resurrected ten people! Since Baba has told His devotees for over seventy years that we are Divine (co-creators with God, or splinters of Source) it stands to reason that, eventually, after years of service and discipline, divine qualities would begin to manifest in His devotees – notwithstanding the fact that many of us (23 million devotees) arrived in this lifetime, having developed prior discipline, awareness and powers of observation over the centuries. In fact, Baba recently announced in a discourse that Sri Narasimha Murthy has faithfully served Him for 10,000 years!

2015 has blessed Jim and me with new opportunities to observe the Subtle Form of Sai at close range, by attendance at six Sai Darshans and ancillary events, namely, Croatian Sai Darshans and three brief Sai exchanges; two events in the San Francisco Bay Area and two events in Encinitas, California. The only reason for mentioning this is that people constantly ask me if I think that Baba’s Subtle Form and His entourage are authentic, to which my reply is a resounding “Yes!” In each of those ‘close encounters’ and ‘medium-close encounters’ with Baba, I intermittently saw Swami sitting in His chair, onstage, or noticed blue-white wavy outlines of His Form.

An unexpected, back-stage ‘mini-interview’ in Zagreb, further convinced me of the continuity of His ‘Baba- ness’. In San Diego, His Subtle Form interaction with the crowd, during the discourses and the Q&A, were quintessentially Swami. Nor could His ‘communicator’ have impersonated Him at an Encinitas planning meeting to which we were invited, during which Baba, via Madhusudhan, joked to my husband and me about things known only to Swami, especially since we had not met Madhusudhan before the seven close encounters with Him in Croatia and California – during four of which, I was just six inches from him and from Swami in Subtle Form. At three public events, I was mercifully seated within several yards of the stage, permitting easy scrutinising of Madhusudhan, through the eyes and the heart, as it turned out. He seems genuine, hard-working, humble and sincere. We never observed any fund-solicitations, of which he has been falsely accused.

Have the roles and goals of Sai devotees changed much, since Sri Sathya Sai left His Body? Not really, except that now, Baba is barrelling ahead with more charitable and educational building projects than before, and is completing them through His devotees at warp speed, for the transformation of all. “Humanity, having been perennially addicted to misery…,” according to Gautama Buddha, has historically suffered from a case of mistaken identity. Our task still remains that of staying attuned, following His teachings and directives, and piercing through all the pomp and pretences of the ego, transcending all conditioning – whether gender, national, cultural or religious, that keeps us asleep to our True Nature, the Vastness of Being. In short, you are That, and that’s that!

Connie B. Shaw