Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Swami is always with us and will never forget us – Dr. Geza Sebastian

Dr. Geza Sebastian is a doctor and psychotherapist, practicing in Munich, Germany. He has been an ardent devotee of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba since 1984. Together with his wife, Mrs. Gisela Sebastian, they have been serving the divine mission of Bhagawan for more than 30 years. By Swami’s grace, they have carried out several Sai projects in Germany and in the Prashanthi Nilayam Ashram.

At the beginning of this year my wife Gisela and I felt very strongly the inner call in our hearts to visit Swami in Muddenahalli. Immediately after that call, we booked our flights and came there in February 2015.

We waited in front of the gate of the Sri Sathya Sai Anandam temple, where Sathya Sai Baba resides in His Subtle Body.

The news that Swami continues His mission in His Subtle Body – building hospitals and schools, giving darshan and divine discourses, answering questions from devotees and giving interviews – filled our hearts with great joy and enthusiasm.

We felt very strongly attracted and definitely wanted to see and experience Swami in His Subtle Form. We wanted to thank Him from the bottom of our hearts for whatever we had received from Him, and for all the grace He had showered on us over the years. We also wanted to express our willingness to continue serving Him.

The gate of the Sai Anandam temple opened and we were allowed to go to the temple on the hill. We rushed there and were looking for a good place to sit, in the hopes of being able to have personal contact with Swami. Everything that happened was familiar to us from the old days at Prasanthi Nilayam, but also completely new.

Several questions came to my mind: How does Swami work in the Subtle Body? How can we get in contact with Him? Will He recognise us? Will He accept our hearts’ desire to serve Him?

Finally, I found a good place to sit, next to the red carpet and hoped that Swami would come by. There was a wonderful atmosphere around. The temple was radiating so much purity, brightness and holiness. A soothing silence enveloped me while we were waiting for Swami. I was watching the students, who were very disciplined, waiting with great devotion for Swami. A gentle breeze blew on the terrace in front of the temple.

Then Swami came, followed by Sri Madhusudhan Naidu, Sri Narasimha Murthy, Mr. Isaac Tigrett and Sri C. Sreenivas. Sri Indulal Shah was also there. The moment Swami arrived, the students began to recite the Rudram, followed by bhajans. After that, Swami asked a few speakers to give talks. It was such an uplifting, sacred atmosphere in Swami’s divine presence.

After that, Swami gave His divine discourse, which reminded me very much of His earlier divine discourses. It was so authentic and seemed like a continuation of His previous discourses. The essence of His teachings – now and in the past – is the same.

I felt very close to Swami, both inside and outside. We were all filled with His love. After His discourse, Swami gave darshan.

During darshan, Sri Madhusudhan served Swami selflessly and followed His instructions. We were given the opportunity to give letters to Swami, as in earlier days, and to ask Him questions or ask for help. This darshan with Swami was very intensive, sacred and authentic. My wife was able to show Him the book which she had written and to ask for His blessings.

With great joy, we have heard that Swami has also been visiting His devotees in different countries in His Subtle Body. Soon, the deep desire arose in us to invite Swami to Germany, too. We wrote to Him an invitation letter and prayed that He would accept our invitation.

During our last visit in August 2015, Swami invited us for an interview shortly before our departure. Two friends from Munich were with us. We were overwhelmed and deeply grateful in our hearts for this unique opportunity.

Swami’s care is so touching. He knew that we had left early in the morning and driven a long distance, in order to be on time for the interview at Muddenahalli. He invited us to have breakfast first, before the interview.

We were also very touched by the great helpfulness and loving, attentive care with which everybody in Muddenahalli treated us.

How do we know that Swami acts in His Subtle Body in Muddenahalli? Firstly, I would say it is the pure, divine, peaceful atmosphere there. Next, the holiness, order, discipline and seriousness during His darshan. Swami`s authentic discourses and His omniscience are unmistakable signs of His divine presence. The various projects Swami has launched are clear indications of the Divine Creator. His incredible attraction is also due to His Divine Presence.

I was very surprised at the great construction activity in Muddenahalli. I asked someone who worked there, “How is all this happening?” He said, “Because Swami is here.” There are many signs of His divine, unseen hands and if someone has an open heart, he can recognise Him.

In my heart, I know that Swami is really there in His Subtle Body and continues His mission with great intensity.

Another proof of Swami’s acting in the Subtle Body was the interview. Privileged to be with Swami in a wonderful, loving atmosphere, it was clear to us that Swami has known us from the time when He was in his physical form.

Here I want to share a short story which clearly shows that it is the one and same Swami, now and in the past. In 1995, Swami materialised a ring for me during an interview. The ring featured His beautiful face and Swami had gently put it on my finger. Slowly, over the years, Swami’s face has almost vanished. In the last interview we had, when Swami was still in the body, He saw the ring and touched it lovingly. I wanted to ask Him if He could restore the ring, but Swami said immediately, “Wait. I’ll give you a new ring later.” However, nothing happened all the years. Somehow, I had hoped for a miracle.

Now, so many years later, during the interview with His Subtle Form, Swami gave me a beautiful new ring with a wonderful radiant green stone. Swami never forgets and always keeps His promise. It was a special interview, with so much closeness to Swami. He gave us all the feeling that He knew everything about us, and gave clear indications of important changes to happen in our lives. Swami also promised to come to Germany.

We finally returned to our homeland with much love and gratitude in our hearts and with full determination to serve Swami.

Dr. Geza Sebastian

(This article was published in Sai Uvacha Volume 3 and has been reproduced here. Dr. Geza Sebastian was a part of the team which welcomed Swami and His entourage during the Divine trip to Germany in April 2016. Read about it here)