Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

This Unseen Presence – Father Charles Ogada

When I was a small boy of five years, I have known the presence of a strange being in a light body. I knew someone was there with me. This strange presence used to fill me with blissful ecstasy and sometimes made me lose normal consciousness. My parents then taught I was possessed with a bad spirit called “Ogbanje” and subjected me to horrendous forms of exorcism. But this presence never left me until I was eleven. I had gone to a boarding school. One day, under the steps of the hostel, the energy of this unseen Presence was too strong and I knew I was about to lose consciousness. Then I was afraid of what my friends would think of me. There and then I begged this unseen being to leave me. And it did.

After my high school, I was not planning to be a priest. Instead, I wanted to become a medical doctor. One day, I was alone in the forest as was my habit. And suddenly this unknown Presence took over me. It filled me with so much Love I was one with everything. Then a “Voice” said what would you want to do with this life? This was the very first time I heard the voice of my unseen friend. The “Voice” was dimensionless, making me one with all around me, the sky, the trees, birds and beasts, everything. The answer was in the question. I said to the voice, “You are this life. What else to do but to Love you and serve you”. That encounter changed the course of my life. I then sought to become a catholic priest in the order of the Holy Ghost Fathers. I was seeking for an enabling environment to love and serve God.

During the ninth year of my training to become a Holy Ghost Father, I lost meaning and wanted to leave the seminary. This was when Sai Baba appeared to me in a dream after Fr. Arazu has told me about him. He hugged me and I again became one with everything. Immediately I knew He was the unknown presence that has been with me since my early childhood. There and then, I sought for Him and later went to Puttaparthi to see Him.

When Swami left his physical body it was not difficult for me to relate to his unseen Presence. When He called me to Muddanahalli, I knew it was Swami. It was the same Presence, the same energy, the same friend who has always been with me since my early childhood.

Father Charles Ogada, Nigeria