Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Ultimate Experience – Sri Kunal Ganjawalla and Smt. Gayatri Ganjawalla


Sri Kunal Ganjawalla and Smt. Gayatri Ganjawalla are well-known singers who live in Mumbai. They have performed several times in the divine presence of Bhagawan Baba at various places. They have also offered a specially-released album of devotional songs – Prem Sagai, at the lotus feet of Swami, during the 89th birthday celebrations.

On 24th April 2011, when Swami gave up the body, my wife and I were, though grief-stricken, in a surprising state of calm, which slowly settled upon us. The only message that kept ringing in our hearts was, “I am the Indweller and not the body.” This was the beginning of the acceleration of our own inward journey and, as far as we can remember, since then, we have always been looking within for solutions to most things we are seeking. It also marked for us the beginning of a time that brought about a new awakening of the enormity of the New Age of the Sathya Yuga, which is in store for mankind in the future. A new hope for an exciting, joyful future consumed us, to prepare ourselves spiritually in order to receive the untold bliss that lay ahead.

In December 2012, we happened to visit Muddenahalli on our way back from Puttaparthi. What we experienced is difficult to describe adequately in words, but there, the teachers, students and representatives received us with such love and care, and looked after us with such warmth, that we felt as though this may have been what Swami’s devotees felt when they visited Puttaparthi in the olden days, right from the reception to our send off! We experienced the divine presence in each and every moment. We wondered how it was possible for them to love so selflessly. We wondered how it was possible to be so ‘hollow’ such that the love of the Divine could flow through so beautifully, and the answer that kept coming back to us was, that it might have been possible because they were so committed to Bhagawan’s message and principles, and not to His form.

“So long as you have purity of heart you can always feel My presence and experience Swami wherever you are; Selfless love is the love that thinks of others and not of one’s own self. If you develop faith in God you can develop selfless love.” In His discourse in the Subtle Form, Bhagawan has said, “Earlier, you were known because of Me – you were identified as devotees of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, who taught Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love and Non-Violence to the world. Now, I am no longer in the physical body and, therefore, there is a greater responsibility on your shoulders to conduct yourselves in an ideal and exemplary way. Now, I will be known because of you. Looking at your way of life, people should recognize Me as your Lord and Master.”

We returned to Mumbai filled with joy and bliss, after having shared so much love and satsang. We were still unaware that Bhagawan had revealed Himself in His Subtle Form, and that He was speaking to just a select few staff and devotees. We soon met Sri B. N. Narasimha Murthy-ji, whom we had seen earlier in Puttaparthi, and were made aware of this amazing fact. It was a startling revelation, but it did not surprise us, as we could feel very strongly Bhagawan’s presence, and could comprehend it through our hearts and not our minds. How appropriate it seemed! – That our dear Lord, should cast off His body, in order to teach us symbolically, like the greatest of Zen masters, that we should also endeavor to lose our body attachment. What a great lesson and gift that He should choose to teach us, to make us aware of how the layers of the world of comprehension are peeled away in order to access the inner bliss, with Himself leading by example.

We learned from Sri Narasimha Murthy-ji, of the unfolding chapters of the ongoing mission of the various schools and hospitals that Bhagawan had announced in His Subtle Body, which were being developed at such a lightning pace, that it would have been impossible without His divine guidance at every step of the way. We had the good fortune to visit some of these institutions and offer our bhajans there at His Lotus Feet.

When Bhagawan chose to make His Subtle Form known to the world in Kodaikanal in 2014, my wife and I were fortunate to be there, amongst the devotees sharing the nectarine bliss at His Divine Lotus Feet. It was the same loving Bhagawan, with the same teachings, the same love, the same sense of humour and the same inspirational words and messages. So much was the same – except for one huge difference! Bhagawan kept saying, and has been saying in numerous discourses since that day, “Earlier, My darshan was meditation, but now meditation will give you My darshan,” indicating clearly that through meditation and control of the senses and the mind – by stilling the mind and with a pure heart – we can access the ocean of bliss and pure consciousness. He further said, and has continued to say since then, that He can be accessed at a new frequency, and gave examples of tuning to different radio stations! We realised that in order to access the Subtle Form of the Lord, we would have to rid ourselves of the burden of the sthoola, or gross frequencies, that envelop us, and raise our vibration to one at which we can see and hear Him. At Kodaikanal, He initiated the entire world into the phenomenon of a new, raised vibration at which, if we all elevate ourselves, we would be able to see and hear Him!

In May 2014, at Kodaikanal, when He called us for an Interview, He revealed many personal details, which were known only to my wife and myself. We had been trying to work out a few things internally through prayer, but the all-knowing, omniscient Bhagawan answered us at Kodaikanal! He further instructed my wife and me to make a double CD album, which He named Prem Sagai – The Bond of Love, and He also instructed us how it should be presented, how the cover should look, and so forth. On the occasion of Diwali in 2014, when we presented to Him the rough draft of the cover, Bhagawan made changes to it, too, before we could finalise it! He said that He would release the double album on 23rd November, 2014 at Muddenahalli during His 89th birthday celebrations, and it has since been released by Him.

The Golden Age is dawning and our dear Lord is leading us to eternal joy! He has announced in His discourses that Vaikuntha is wherever He is – and this is Vaikuntha! On His 83rd birthday at Prasanthi Nilayam, Bhagawan had said that, in 27 years, it was inevitable that ‘All is One’ would be experienced by all of us, and that we would experience Divinity in each and every one. We realise He is just ‘peeling away the layers’ so that we may enjoy the ultimate experience of the Atma, melting into the Paramatma, and we can see Swami, not just in the Subtle Form, but also – eventually – in each and every living and non-living entity in the world. The Lord is showing us the way, and there is only one goal for us, and that is to join that divine celebration and head for the unending party!