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Being His instrument – Fifty Years of Love


Being His instrument – Fifty Years of Love

by Sri B N Narasimha Murthy

The moment I say ‘Sairam’, my heart gets filled with lovely thoughts and experiences. It just seems like yesterday, when Swami took me into His fold. I came to Swami when I was a student, though not in His educational institutions. He said to my parents, “He is my child and I will take care of him from now.” And true to His words, He has been doing it unfailingly ever since! It is has been over 50 years since that day and I am over 70 years of age now. But even now, when I go and face Swami, I am still a child. The way He calls me “hey Narasimha Murthy!” or the way He would pull my leg in front of His students and the way He gives me opportunities to carry out His projects, makes me feel very fortunate to be a part of His mission. After all, the entire creation is right under His feet, and He could have used anyone to do His work. But yet, He chose us all out of His immense compassion.

Those in the corporate world know, there is an oft-used office jargon – Pet Projects. Most of the top management and leaders’ attentions are drawn towards these pet projects. Meticulous plans are drawn and they are tracked and monitored closely. And people who work in the company vie to be a part of these projects. Being part of such projects is the best thing that can happen to anyone, professionally. And, for Swami, we all know what His project is – “His Students”.

For almost the last fifty years, I have been a very privileged witness to the great shower of affinity, love and compassion of Swami for the students. Swami does everything for His students. He has absolutely no hesitation, whatsoever, when it comes to giving Himself for His students.  I remember, there was a student who was speaking for the first time in the Poornachandra auditorium in Swami’s presence. It was houseful. Thousands of devotees were seated in the hall and this boy started gasping for breath. Immediately, Swami took His own silver tumbler from which he had partaken water, went right up to the boy and held the tumbler to his lips. That gave him so much of confidence that he delivered a highly impactful talk. I can recollect many such incidents in Trayee Brindavan, where during the summer vacations Swami gave almost all His time and love to the students. He also asked many of the guests who came there to speak to the students.

Personally, I feel extremely blessed to have been part of this pet project of Swami. When I think of all instances that reflect Swami’s love for His students, I am left wondering about the abundance of it! A devotee once went to Swami and submitted to Him, “Swami I have gotten the opportunity to have your Darshan because of the merits earned in several lives.” Swami looked at Him lovingly and said, “All your merits from past lives were cancelled after the first time you saw me. It is only because of My compassion that you are able to have my Darshan so many times now.’’

I am truly grateful for the infinite compassion that He has been showering on me for the past so many years. Be it during my earlier days in Muddenahalli, Brindavan, Prashanthi Nilayam, or now – I have always been given the most lovable task of taking care of what He lovingly says is “His property”. His continued compassion to use me as His instrument to continue His work, even in the absence of His physical body is truly very humbling.

It is solely His grace that I continue to sit at His Lotus Feet, especially at a time when millions of His devotees across the world think He’s left His mortal coil and that He’s not there. What can I say – I am ever thankful to His Love and grace and I only wish and pray that I would always be the flute in His Hands that allows His breath to play wonderful music.