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Bliss is His Food


Bliss is His Food

by Sri B N Narasimha Murthy

In my earlier blogs, I wrote about how Bhagawan built Prashanthi Nilayam from scratch and how the current phase of His mission is an opportunity for those of us who were not able to witness that phase in Bhagawan’s advent.

Whenever Swami starts a project, He ensures that His personal attention is always there during the development phase of these projects. On one such occasion, Swami had decided to go around the construction sites of the projects that were coming up at that time – Sai Annapoorna kitchen, which was being built to provide Satvik and nutritious food for His children and Vidya Deep, the prayer hall complex for the Central school. Due to Swami’s infinite Love for His children, the construction of the kitchen was completed in just 90 days!

So that day, when Swami was visiting the many sites under construction, I had the great fortune of accompanying Him. Swami asked me, “Narasimha Murthy, our Muddenahalli institution has been in existence for almost 45 years. Have you ever witnessed such hectic activity happening at any time here in the past?” I hadn’t. So I humbly replied, “Swami, it is because of Your sheer Will that all these are happening.” I also submitted before Swami that this was exactly how it used to happen in Puttaparthi on the glorious occasions of His Birthday celebrations, year after year. At that point, Swami made it very clear, “All this is happening because Swami is here in Muddenahalli right now. Will anyone listen to you, if you tell them? Because it is Swami who is asking people, they do.”

Here I would like to share one more incident, when Swami was greatly touched by the wonderful work done by His students. During the construction of the canteen, the students – right from the 6th class boys till the Pre-University and the Centre of Human Excellence boys were toiling day and night, helping in the work. And Swami was very touched. On the day of Sai Annapoorna’s inauguration, before going to the kitchen Swami went to Sai Anandam to see what was happening there. On His way back, He saw two little boys standing on the roadside. Swami stopped His car and lovingly enquired about which class they were studying in and what they were doing there. The boys said, “Swami, we are cleaning up the small area which is utilized by the visitors.”
Swami was very moved by their sincerity. He turned to me and asked with a lot of concern, “These children are so small, their hands are so small; who gave them such a big task?” It made me think – who can feel so much concern for everyone like that – only a divine mother can! For a mother, no matter how grown up her children are, she continues to see them as children only. And for Swami, the entire universe is His creation and everyone is His child. He further added, “Boys have worked really hard, not for the institution, not for anybody else, but only for the love of Swami.”

Swami then explained how selfless acts of service benefit the person who renders them, at three levels, citing the example of these children who worked for Sai Annapoorna. For one, at an individual level, the service was rendered for themselves as Sai Annapoorna or Vidyadeep were constructed for their benefit. Two, as a result of their meritorious acts, they earned punya. And three, by offering these acts of service to Swami, they got unattached to the actions they performed, which would help them to escape the cycle of life.

I was simply amazed at how Swami explained such profound truths in such a simple manner. Being with Swami is not only a spiritual experience, it’s also as humbling experience. During the course of this talk, Swami also spoke in length about achievements. “What about achievers and achievements?” Well, there are many interesting incidents which I would like to share here, but may be in my next blog post.

Until then, I pray that Bhagawan bless us all!
Samastha Loka Sukhino Bhavantu