Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Memories


The scriptures in India extol the Divine Leelas of the Lord which are beyond human comprehension that signify His love for His children. The formless God Almighty takes a physical form and descends in a human form to make His devotees happy and also stage many of His fascinating dramas. However, the wonderful Actor that He is, when He comes in human form, He also behaves as a human being, true to His role. He asks simple questions like, “Where do you come from?”, “What is your name?”, and the like that trap people into believing Him to be just His body.

But at times, He also ensures that He reveals His true cosmic self to the deserving (and desiring few), who have accepted and surrendered to Him. Our education, achievements, wealth, progeny, learning, knowledge, skills, talents and any such thing which we acquire are not the ones that help us to know Him. Demi Gods, Learned and erudite scholars have tried repeatedly to understand the Lord in human form but have failed to do so, while simple beings like monkeys, tribal folks, cowherds, villagers and their ilk, enjoyed the bliss of the Lord and have merged at His Divine Lotus Feet.

The story of Krishna is not complete without the stories of His Leelas with Gopis, Gopalas, Radha, Sudhama, Udhava, Yashodha, Devaki, Nanda and many such people, who loved Him and revered Him. They could not think of any happiness other than the one that they derived by thinking of Him or being with Him. And He filled them with everlasting joy through experiences that made them transcend body consciousness and filled with Krishna consciousness. Sage Vyasa dedicated the entire 10th canto of Srimad Bhagawatam to enjoy the bliss that was conferred to these devotees by Lord Krishna’s pastimes.

Like His earlier advent as Krishna, our beloved Sai Krishna’s story is also filled with lives of His wonderful devotees who not only were fortunate to understand His Divinity during those times, but also were embodiments of selfless service and sacrifice. And in this series, we would like to relive the experiences of those who were fortunate to understand His Divinity during His early years.

As we look into history, we would realize as to how we are all blessed with great advancements in technological advancements, communication modes and media today. These mass media leave us with lots of information at our disposal. On paper, we are equipped to make informed decisions. However, back during the days of Bhaghwan’s declaration of His Divinity, India was still under the rule of British and the communication systems were primitive. The social differences and caste system prevalent during those days in India added to this complication. Our Lord Himself was subject to physical torture by His own kith and kin who were hoping to exorcise the “ghost” that had possessed Him.

Popular logic and beliefs didn’t point towards God appearing in human form. And unlike the other yugas, the age of Kali throws open a lot of conflicts and confusions that at times, it needs great efforts to even spot the Divinity. This brings to light the mental strength and surrender of those individuals who had accepted a teenager who declared that He was verily Lord Narayana Himself. And those who recognized Him during His early days not only got immortal experiences etched in history, but also gave us memories and the path to catch hold of Him and not fall into His trap of making us believe that He was the body.

In this series, with His blessings, we would endeavour to relish nostalgic stories of those wonderful devotees who are remembered – not merely because of the proximity and wonderful experiences that they enjoyed during those early years, but also for their contribution in His mission, and inspiring us towards service as a spiritual path. We hope and believe that these stories of love, devotion, surrender and service would inspire all of us to Love All and Serve All.