Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Wrapped with the blanket of LOVE


Swami has been reiterating time and again that the purpose of Seva is to bring each individual in contact with the Lord within. When we feed and clothe the needy, shake their hands and lovingly interact with them, the Sai in our Hearts manifests Himself in all His glory.

Inspired by Swamis message of “Love All and Serve All”, a group of Sai Youth from CV Raman Nagar and Indiranagar areas of Bangalore enjoyed the joy of giving on the night of 15th August 2015. They spent the night, distributing blankets to the homeless in Indiranagar, KR Puram, Tin Factory and Marathahalli areas. While the gents section took to the path of physical service, distributing Blankets and food to the homeless, the ladies section sanctified the atmosphere with their divine singing and invoking His presence through bhajans and prayers.

The team provided food and blankets to a lot of men and women sleeping on the road, under bridges, in front of closed shops and even next to dump yards. Most of these homeless people were grateful and overjoyed to receive food and more importantly, to be wrapped in the warmth of brotherly love and the blankets provided to them. Some of their reactions left the youth speechless.

One elderly gentleman, who received this love, became very emotional and blessed all the volunteers from the bottom of his heart. Some of them prostrated and enquired about Sai Baba. When Swami’s photo was given to them, they folded their hands out of gratitude and touched the photo with tears in their eyes. One lady, upon seeing the boys in whites with blankets and food packets in their hands, enquired, even before the boys could tell her anything, if it was Sai Baba who had sent them. When the boys replied in the affirmative, she was overjoyed.

At the end of the long night, it was mentally refreshing to all those involved, for they created a temple of bliss in that area and sanctified the night with selfless service.