Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

God’s Experience!

A lady in Melbourne got up to pray to Bhagawan to shower His blessings upon her children so that they could also experience Swami.

Swami asked her back, “What do you mean by experiencing Swami?”

She replied, “Swami’s presence and miracles….”

Swami was quick to cut her short and said, “Swami’s presence and miracles at a place is not the experience of Swami. If you do something that your child cannot, then your own child will call you a miracle woman. If I can do something that you cannot, then I am called a miracle man. So, it’s not miracles, but it’s the experience of God’s love in one’s heart which is truly experiencing Swami.”

Not stopping there, Swami further clarified, “And a mother can help the children experience God by raising them well, like the mother Madalasa of the yore, who while rocking the cradle, sang lullabies conveying that, beyond the delusions of the world they are purity, awareness and bliss personified. That led to her children becoming Brahma Jnanis (Knowers of God).”

More than God Himself, it’s the mother who can help her children experience God as love, we learnt. Isn’t it why they say that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world, nay spiritual world!