Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

God’s Plight

A project that started off with great fervour by a few devotees came to a grinding halt. Those who were in the driving seat came rushing to seek His guidance, which He gave generously. Nevertheless, the project continued to suffer as not all were willing to follow His command. 

Swami watched the show silently, till all those who did not follow, fell away while the remaining devotees with great pain pleaded with Swami for help. 

As Swami was interacting with them one of the anguished devotee asked in agony, “Swami, how is it possible that despite Your blessings, this project has come to this sad state. Why is that Your will did not prevail and make it a success?” Swami listened to the agitated devotee calmly and after a poise replied, “I can only teach and guide all equally like the teacher in the class. And just as all teachers would wish that all students must pass with flying colours, I too wish that all are successful. But just as all students don’t get equal marks due to their own self effort, in the same way not all devotees make the required self effort to make Swami’s will a success. Like the helpless teacher, I too have to wait and watch and allow things to take their course. Mine is the plight of that teacher, Mine is God’s plight.”     

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