Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Why More Hands For God?

It was during our recent trip to Kalady in Kerala, that Swami was being served His dinner at the residence of the devotee when a mother of a little four-year-old girl asked this question. “Swami, my daughter has a doubt which she asks me to clarify but I don’t know what to answer, so please guide. She asks me that when all of us have two hands then why Lord Vishnu and many other Gods have four hands?” While everyone smiled at this genuine doubt of a tiny tot who was taking her first steps towards God, no one really knew the answer and all looked towards Swami in eager anticipation. Swami the one who is a man amongst men, woman amidst women and a child when with children, answered it in His most inimitable way so that the little head could wrap itself around this profound query, “ You see, God has to do more work than humans. While He blesses with one hand, He protects with another, gives with yet another and holds you with the fourth one, so He needs four hands.” The little devotee was satisfied even as we all grinned at the simplicity of the profound truth, God had more work than humans! 

Not sure about other Gods, but I have seen this God, the most diligent and the busiest of all, working day and night for others sake, and surely four hands are not enough, nor even five heads sufficient for a God who is always thinking of us and working for us every moment.