Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Education Lineage!

A surprise visit to Bijapur campus to meet His beloved children, brought joy and cheer to the little hearts beyond words. At a short notice, the children were ready with songs, speeches and Veda recital to offer to their Lord.

Swami, who derived much delight from their innocent endeavours, was all praise for the effort of the students of the University for Human Excellence, some of whom had graduated and joined the Campus to teach and care for the children, while others were traveling every weekend from Gulbarga Campus to Bijapur Campus through the rough roads, to teach Music and Veda to their younger brothers.

This sincere efforts of the students of the University had borne fruits as the children were now chanting Vedas and singing Bhajans much better than before.

Swami who had brought the Vice Chancellor and a few other officials of the University along with Him, went on praising the children and the University students like a proud mother.

He observed and remarked to all present, “See, our Vice Chancellor Dr PDN Srinivasu was the student of Prof Prabhakar Rao who is also here today. These University boys are the students of Dr PDN Srinivasu, and now Bijapur school boys are students of the University boys. This is the lineage of the education, which ought not to be broken.”

Quoting from the hymns of Shikshavalli, that was recited by the young students spiritedly, Swami said, “The Guru guides the students as they graduate saying -‘Prajathanthum Maa Vyavachethsi’- do not break the lineage. Today, we are having the lineage of teacher and students, this is our lineage of education and this ought not to be broken.”

The lineage of education, the lineage formed out of love remains unbroken for four generations now and shall continue for ever.