Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Always be ready!

In Kodaikanal, as Swami merrily gave away envelopes with cash to the guests and students for what he calls ‘Marketing’, He too went down the hill to the lakeside bazaar to see them buying from the Tibetans shopkeepers, for Himself. As He was returning to the Hill Top bungalow perched on the highest peak of Kodai hills, there was a huge traffic jam and so the car had to take a deviation into a private layout to reach the Ashram. But to the disappointment of the organisers and volunteers, someone had parked a car right in the centre of the private street without a trace of the driver! So left with no other option, they regretfully requested Swami to alight from His majestic Jaguar and walk a few steps to cross the blocking car and thereafter get into another car of a devotee, so that He could reach the bungalow soon. Swami lovingly obliged and as He sat in the car of the devotee, He noticed that it wasn’t too clean, nevertheless, He travelled a short distance up the hill and reached His abode, where the remorseful devotee submitted His apologies for not keeping the car clean. Swami was quick to say, “Be it your car or your heart, always keep it clean for you never know when God may come in!” 

He blessed the devotee and wife profusely reminding them that it was their prayer that Swami blesses their car by traveling in it, and so it happened. Nevertheless, the whole episode taught all the onlookers a great lesson, that of being always ready to receive the Lord!  

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