Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Lost and Found!

In this section , Brother Madhusudan Naidu shares interesting and insightful moments from the interactions of Bhaghwan with His Students, Teachers and Devotees. This is true wisdom straight from the innermost sanctum sanctorum of the direct Divine Presence!

These are the compilations of those nuggets of wisdom for the benefit of the devotees.

In this week’s INNER VIEW, Brother Madhusudan Naidu shares an interesting moment between the Lord and His devotees in California.

It was during the walk in the woods, literally, as we went to see the ancient Redwood trees in the Col Armstrong Redwood National Park in the Santa Rosa County of California, that a few devotees who were following Swami thought that Swami had taken the wrong trail, and got themselves worried.

Swami, who though apparently had never been to this park, seemed rather confident as He took the other route and kept walking.

An anxious devotee tried to correct Him but in vain, as Swami just did not seem to listen and kept walking ahead, leaving others with no choice but to trail behind.

One of the enthusiastic youth member in the group exclaimed, “Oh! With Swami, we will never get lost in the forest.”

Swami was quick to reply, “With Swami you will never get lost anywhere in the world.”

Overwhelmed, the youth burst out, “Swami I only want to be lost in God.”

And pat came the reply from Swami, “You can not be LOST in God, you can be only FOUND in God.”

It took a while for me to understand the profundity of that statement.

Isn’t it in His presence alone that we become truly what we are meant to be? Isn’t it only in His proximity that we lose all our false identities and find our true nature? Isn’t it only in Him that we lose ourselves only to find our true selves!

Yes indeed, One can only be found in God!