Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Pure Love Alone, None Else!

By Sri Madhusudan Naidu

In this section , Brother Madhusudan Naidu shares interesting and insightful moments from the interactions of Bhaghwan with His Students, Teachers and Devotees. This is true wisdom straight from the innermost sanctum sanctorum of the direct Divine Presence!

These are the compilations of those nuggets of wisdom for the benefit of the devotees.

In this week’s INNER VIEW, Brother Madhusudan Naidu shares an interesting moment between the Lord and a devotee.

As Swami was talking to a lady devotee and telling her about the wonderful development at Karwar, Karnataka He said, “Even though the greedy sellers of the land backed out at the last moment and asked for much higher price than what was mutually agreed upon, thereby jeopardising the whole Bhoomi Puja programme for the new campus, a devotee came forward and offered his land for Swami’s school thus saving the day! God who has measured the entire earth in one step and the sky in another (referring to Vamana Avatar) owns everything, yet He accepts an offering if it is made out of Pure Love. It is just like a father who earns and gives pocket money to the child, and never takes it back unless offered by the child with great sincerity.”

“Isn’t it why Krishna ate butter at the home of Gopikas even though he had plenty at his own home. The butter of Gopikas was pure without attachments”, He added.

This reminded me of the day when out of ignorance I asked Swami as to why does He not simply appear in wealthy people’s dream, so that He can have plenty to do all the projects. He reprimanded for my liberty and said, “Who do you think I am? I cannot accept impure money. It’s like ocean filled with saline water unfit for drinking, unless purified.”

I have seen Him refuse offerings and shred cheques, which were not pure. He won’t accept anything, not even a ‘clove bud’ if it’s not offered with pure selfless love!

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