Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Hubli Slum Activity

Inspired and motivated by Swami and his message during summer course, the youth from Hubli took up slum development activity in an area populated by the underprivileged section of the society. At Durga Colony, there are nearly sixty tents and the residents make a living by selling hair pins, clips, bangles, peppermints etc., in surrounding villages of Hubli. These tents are made of bamboos covered by tarpaulin sheets and during rainy season the area is filled with rain water as the elevated concrete roads block water. Residents of this colony are even deprived of proper sanitation and electrical facilities.

Every Sunday, the youth assemble in this area for Nagara sankeertan and the children there actively take part in it. This is followed with the youth engaging children in activities, where values of brotherhood among children & individual cleanliness are being driven through value games & small spiritual activities such as Balvikas. While the children go to school during the weekdays and have lunch served at school, they are left to fend for themselves on Sundays. Noticing the children going hungry on Sundays, the youth have been providing the children with breakfast every Sunday morning with healthy meals. In order to promote oral hygiene and personal cleanliness among children, the children also have been given kits containing tooth brushes, tooth pastes & a bar of soap for their use.

The youth members also conducted a medical camp providing the children with dermatological medicines to treat minor itches and burns. On 26th July, a couple of doctors visited the area and the children were given lotions & ointments to help with their skin problems caused due to the untidy living conditions. A medical camp was also conducted on 16th August under the under the guidance of a Pediatrician.

The following Seva activities are being planned in the following months:
1. Educate the villagers about hygienic way of living.
2. Conduct free medical camps.
3. Conduct Balvikas classes to the village children at the existing school.
4. Adopt a most deserving & eligible child & provide free education.
5. Clean and maintain the existing temples in the locality.